Afro-American studies chair: Charles Krauthammer on TV 'real' affirmative action

Peter Hasson
Associate Editor of The Daily Caller

  • Dr. Greg Carr criticized Krauthammer's appearances on TV, arguing that they were "a case of the real US Affirmative Action."
  • Carr also heavily criticized Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.
  • Dr. Greg Carr, the Chair of Afro-American Studies at Howard University slammed Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer as an example of the “real” Affirmative Action in America.

    “Charles Krauthammer on Fox saying Fiorina "won" 1st shift of the #GOPDebate,” Dr. Carr tweeted. “Him talking on TV is a case of the real US Affirmative Action.”

    Dr. Carr told Campus Reform that the comment had nothing to do with either Mr. Krauthammer’s Jewish ethnicity or his handicapped status. Dr. Carr said that he was actually “using the term to describe White privilege, or the benefit of whiteness in race-oriented modern society.”

    This is not the first time Dr. Carr has directed criticism of conservatives.

    On the night of last Thursday’s GOP debate, Dr. Carr declared the GOP candidates were spitting forth “xenophobia and venom.”

    Carr also described the first round of the GOP debate as “everybody wants war with Muslims” and accused Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) of being “Islamophobic.” Carr retweeted multiple tweets claiming Dr. Ben Carson is “a pitiful excuse for a black man,” who “ certainly holds a tray well.”

    Howard University’s academic freedom policy states that the “special obligation [of faculty members] is to be accurate, to exercise appropriate restraint, and to show respect for the opinions of others. Faculty should remember that the public may judge their profession and the institution by their utterances and, therefore, should make every effort, when operating as individuals, to make clear that they are not university spokespersons.”

    Charles Krauthammer did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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    Peter Hasson

    Peter Hasson

    Associate Editor of The Daily Caller
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