Student: calling a drink 'redskin' after school's former mascot is offensive

  • Miami University of Ohio's teams were known as the "Redskins" until 1997.

One student at Miami University of Ohio wants a bar to change the name of a popular drink based off the school's old mascot.

In a letter to the editor published in the Miami Student , senior Anna Feldman calls on The Woods, known by students as “New Bar,” to change the name of the drink known as "the redskin.” Miami University of Ohio’s mascot was the Redskins until 1997, when controversy over the name caused the school to change the mascot to the Redhawks.

"Now that we all know your drink name is offensive, I have no doubt you’ll take the swiftest action to rename it."   

The open letter to the bar outlines the history of the term redskin, writing that the word had a negative connotation and was used to degrade Native Americans. Senior Anna Lucia Feldman, the author of the letter, writes that “the colonial government offered payment for the heads and scalps of Native Americans and redskins became slang for these scalps.”

“Now that we all know your drink name is offensive, I have no doubt you’ll take the swiftest action to rename it. I’ve taken the liberty to brainstorm some replacement name suggestions that will appeal to Miami students. You can take one of them, or even set up a voting contest for a new, less genocide-y name,” Feldman wrote.

Some of Feldman’s suggestions include “Obama Has Aged So Much for Only 7 Years in Office, Don’t You Think,” “We Hate Ohio State,” “Sugary Red Nonsense,” and “Student Loan Forgiveness.” Feldman ends the letter by writing, “Seriously, racism isn’t cool or fun and should be kept out of our community establishments.”

Many students took to the comments section on the article, as well as Facebook, to share their opinions.

“If you are too emotionally unstable to order a cheap alcoholic drink at a bar and get so offended by the ‘violent past’ that the word promotes, then you are not prepared for the real world, moreover to be in an institution of higher learning,” one commenter wrote.

“This isn’t about feeling good about ourselves this is about creating an inclusive atmosphere for everybody,” said another.

“Well there goes Black and Tans, White Russians, [and] Irish Car Bombs,” another person commented.

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