UAlbany students who faked racist bus attack to be charged

Chris Nuelle
Press Secretary at Missouri Republican Party

  • Three black students claimed they were attacked on a city bus by several white students.
  • Security footage showed that the incident actually occurred in the opposite manner that the students initially claimed.
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    The self-proclaimed “victims” of a racist bus attack will be charged for faking the incident after police have reviewed video evidence from the bus.

    The January 30 incident caused such an uproar that Hillary Clinton even got involved, tweeting, “There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus.”

    "We need to know all of the facts. We must get this right."   

    According to initial reports, three black University of Albany students said they were assaulted by several white students, complete with racial slurs, while riding a city bus.

    Massive backlash ensued and a rally was held in support of the three black students. One student even dropped out because of their alleged involvement in the incident.

    The UAlbany president released an initial statement on the incident, saying “I ask all of us to not rush to judgment. We need to know all of the facts. We must get this right. This is a good opportunity for all members of the University to teach each other and to learn from each other. Let us engage even more deeply. Let us listen even more carefully. And let us see each other even more clearly.”

    After reviewing the security footage from cameras located inside the bus, police determined that it was not the white students who attacked the three black students, but the other way around.

    According to a source at local news station News 10 who reviewed the video, “It was one of the three young women who threw the first punch, and that at no time did any passengers hurl racial slurs as first claimed.”

    Additionally, “It was one of the accusers who used a slur against a white passenger and called her a nasty name.”

    News 10 also said that, according to intimate sources, the three students are to receive tickets and will appear in court. The exact charges are not known yet and the release of the bus videos are at the mercy of the court.

    UAlbany has yet to make it clear if these students will receive any academic repercussions for their actions.

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    Chris Nuelle

    Chris Nuelle

    Press Secretary at Missouri Republican Party
    Chris Nuelle is the Press Secretary for the Missouri Republican Party. He was formerly an Ohio Campus Correspondent, reporting on liberal bias and abuse on campus for Campus Reform. He graduated from Xavier University with a B.A. in political science and international studies with a focus in business.
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