Campus community hunts for missing vulva

  • University of New Mexico students are on the hunt for a vulva costume that has gone missing after being used during SexUality Week last month.
  • A reward of $100 is being offered for any information that may lead to the return of the costume.

University of New Mexico students will leave no stone unturned in their search for a missing vulva costume that was last seen on campus during SexUality Week last month.

According to The Daily Lobo, the costume is owned by Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center, a local adult toy store, and was on loan for use as part of a “Pop Up Sex Ed” table on March 7, but went missing from the borrower’s vehicle before it could be returned.

Matie Fricker, the owner of Self Serve, said the vulva is frequently used for “full frontal anatomy lessons” on the street, and that store employees would be posting flyers on campus offering a $100 gift card in exchange for information leading to the return of the missing genitalia.

“In case (people) see it anywhere, they can let other people know that nobody has consent to get into that vulva,” Fricker said. “You can’t just touch a vulva without the owner of the vulva saying it’s OK, and we never said it was okay.”

In the meantime, shoppers can use the code “missingvulva” to receive a 15 percent discount from Self Serve’s online store.

“I was really disappointed to hear that the vulva costume is missing,” said Shaya Rogers, a Planned Parenthood field organizer who has worn the vulva in the past. “Self Serve and Planned Parenthood work hard together to make sure that we have multiple ways to engage with students and with the community in regards to comprehensive sex education, and the vulva costumes are a perfect example of that.”

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