Another all-female college to consider admitting trans-women

  • The all-female Spelman College has announced that it is convening a task force to weigh in on whether to start admitting transgender women.
  • Several other all-female schools have already opened their doors to transgender students, including Mills College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College.

Another all-female college has announced that it will consider admitting transgender women by the start of next school year.

In a welcome-back letter sent to all returning students, Spelman College president Mary Schmidt Campbell informed her campus that she has convened a task force to consider the case for enrolling transgender women.

"We anticipate a the end of the academic year."   

“Ingrid Hayes, vice president for Enrollment Management will convene a task force that makes a recommendation to the president on the admission and enrollment of transgender students,” Campbell writes, noting that she expects to receive the task force's report "by the end of the academic year."

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Spelman, though, is not the first all-female college to admit men who identify as women. In fact, at least three other well-known schools have changed their policies to allow for transgender applications.

The trend started to pick up in 2014 when Mills College, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, approved a policy that allowed applicants who simply identify as women enroll. Shortly thereafter, Mount Holyoke College adopted a similar policy, allowing applicants to pick their gender.

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More recently, Smith College changed its policy after a man who identifies as a woman was denied admission. The once all-female school initially told the applicant that all “undergraduate applicants to Smith must be female at the time of admission,” but later reversed its decision after many LGBT activist groups petitioned the school.

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