College Dems official: disinvite Milo from 'Bama

  • Kyle Campbell serves as the College Democrats' national membership director and the opinions editor of The Crimson White.
  • He describes himself on his Twitter account as a "[m]ember of both the Corrupt Establishment and the Lamestream Media."

The national membership director of the College Democrats wrote an editorial yesterday calling on the University of Alabama (UA) administration to disinvite Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the school.

Yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak at UA on October 10th.

"['Bama must help stem] hatred, and that if that means banning [Milo] from campus, then so be it."   

Kyle Campbell, a UA student, College Democrats national membership director, and the opinion editor of The Crimson White, claims that inviting Yiannopoulos to campus is a “disgrace to both our political system and our student body,” adding that “Milo Yiannopoulos is deplorable”

Campbell declares he has “personally written and advocated for the improvement of free speech policies on this [University of Alabama] campus, and that he would “never call for the disinviting of a conservative economist or politician or professor.”

“The Left cannot grow without checks and balances from the Right and vice versa. But universities exist primarily to educate, and nothing about Milo’s writing are educational.” Campbell writes.

Campbell compared Yiannopoulos’ speech to “the way mass shooters exercise their Second Amendment rights, with a blatant disregard for the well being [sic] of those around him.”

Milo has recently been disinvited to DePaul University and the University of Miami due to security concerns but Campbell recognizes these as “faux-concerns” He hopes “the University will be braver than that.”

“Disinvite him because it’s the right thing to do. Disinvite him because his rhetoric incites violence – a violence that will likely harm the most vulnerable students on our campus. Disinvite him to prove that the Capstone Creed is not a series of empty words, but a declaration of standards that all students must uphold. Our administration must play its part in stemming this nation’s rolling tide of hatred, and that if that means banning a 31-year-old misogynistic child from campus, then so be it.”

According to UA website, the Capstone Creed was “developed in 2000 and designed to identify and sustain the core values which are manifest in all members of the University community.”

The creed urges students to “pursue knowledge, act with fairness, integrity and respect; promote equity and inclusion; foster individual and civic responsibility; and strive for excellence in all I do.”

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