The Weekly Roundup: The absurdity continues

Campus Reform Reporter

  • The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t.
  • Monday 5 December

    VIDEO: Sanctuary campus supporters willing to ignore other laws

    You know, it’s almost as if the concept of universities nullifying federal law is wishful thinking.   

    That whole “debt repayment” thing—who needs that?

    Profs form group to fight 'racism and xenophobia' after election

    In Social Justice Warrior: The Game, the only place in America these mythical villains systemically exist!

    Cal Poly course examines ‘why white was invented’

    ...Because white is a color?

    Princeton prez: Sanctuary campus has ‘no basis in law’

    Did it take an Ivy League president to bestow this enlightenment?

    UW students launch ‘Coalition Against the Ultra Right’

    Is it “right” as in “correct?”

    College prez: students might 'drop out from fear' after election

    It sure would be interesting to discover the correlation between progressives and sufferers of schizophrenia.

    UMD student gov requires itself to take diversity training

    Well, at least they’re practicing what they’re preaching.

    SUNY prof berates pro-Trump colleagues, demands explanation

    To be clear, he’s demanding to know whether or not his colleagues believe in "white power" and multiculturalism.

    Tuesday 6 December

    Barnard offering 8-week 'social justice education' program

    It takes a full eight weeks for the brainwashing to be complete.

    GOP bill would strip funding from schools that ban the flag

    If they don’t want to be American, why should they want funds from the American government?

    Harvard law prof pledges to defend Electors who reject Trump

    Personally, we can’t wait until it’s all over but the crying.

    Duke explores stiffer penalties for 'bias and hate' offenses

    We agree—thought crime is not punished severely enough!

    School’s ‘Social Justice League’ goes bonkers over MAGA post

    Aren't superheroes typically known for their resistance to hysteria?

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘End of Discussion’

    Certainly one for the syllabus.

    Wednesday 7 December

    Purdue prez accused of 'silence' after condemning flyers...twice

    Remember: silence is violence! So, too, is insufficiently loud condemnation!

    MSU instructor mocks Christians in class presentation

    What happened to that whole “inclusion” thing?

    UMD prez 'offends' students by making sanctuary pledge in Spanish

    Well, at least liberals are admitting that illegal immigration isn’t actually a race least until it’s convenient

    U of I students chastise campus cops for finding stolen phone

    Yes, the victim of the theft should’ve just used Find My iPhone’s shrieking siren, instead.

    Thursday 8 December

    Flyers accuse prof of 'racism' for advising Cal Poly Republicans

    They sure do put the “ass” in “guilt by association,” don't they?

    Dayton students hold 'sleep-out' in support of pipeline protest

    On the upside, getting worse nights of sleep will make them less effective protesters.

    Law prof: 'sanctuary campuses' not legal structures

    You know, it’s almost as if the concept of universities nullifying federal law is wishful thinking.

    History course attributes GOP affirmative action stance to racism

    Who has any need to blame ideology when you could just blame racism?

    Friday 9 December

    Students claim OSU terrorist victim of police brutality

    Remember, it’s not that he was attempting to kill people and the cop shot him to stop lives from being lost—it’s that a cop shot him.

    Georgetown students protest Israel, Nike

    While wearing Nikes, naturally.

    Campus carry passes Ohio legislature

    Ohio State isn’t likely to allow campus carry, but this at least opens the door to that possibility.

    CSUF donor enrages students by suggesting they get jobs

    Remember when college students wanted to get jobs?

    AU students retreat to 'stress free zone' for cocoa, corn hole

    Believe it or not, “corn hole” doesn’t have any sexual connotations here.

    Prof: Trump's election an 'act of terrorism'

    We thought the appropriate term favored by the administration was “man-caused disaster?”

    EMU ‘targets’ athletes, veterans for ‘manhood’ workshops

    Being good at sports and serving in the military contribute to sexual assault?

    Prof calls police...on a police officer

    Reminds us of that time a prof wanted to call the cops on ROTC students.

    EMU to require ‘black studies’ course in ALL majors

    Yes, every major, including natural sciences.



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