The Weekly Roundup: Sophie's Choice for liberals

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  • The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn’t.
  • Monday 20 February

    Islamic Studies prof says rape, slavery OK under Islamic law

    "We were almost right. Turns out pigs will fly the day college administrators stand up to liberal excesses."   

    And then he’s shocked when he got heat for it?

    Students protest prof’s op-ed about Islam’s threat to LGBT rights

    Is that like Sophie’s Choice for bleeding hearts?

    African American CR assailed by leftist protesters at Sac State

    Did someone try to “whitesplain” to him the history of his own race?

    Tuesday 21 February

    Despite threat to state funding, Pitt still considering ‘sanctuary’ status

    They’re turning indecisiveness into an art form.

    CA budget proposal guts middle class aid, keeps scholarships for illegals

    Why the surprise? Gov. Brown is merely appealing to his constituents.

    Clemson profs lead ‘March Against Silence’ over Trump executive order

    Of course, it’s not really “silence” that they’re objecting to, because one suspects they would be less than mollified by a statement endorsing the EO.

    Psych students shop around for examples of ‘dominant group privilege’

    How many hair products are available for African-Americans? Well, that kinda depends on where you shop...

    MSU bans whiteboards to prevent offensive messages

    Great reasoning, there. By the same logic, people wouldn’t die in car accidents if there were no cars.

    Heck, we could probably even end racism in our lifetimes if everyone were to be permanently blinded.

    Wednesday 22 February

    UVA flyer: Pro-Trump candidate ‘unsuited’ for student gov prez

    Boy, what a convincing argument.

    Kellyanne Conway shunned by alma mater for helping Trump

    Think she’ll remember this the next time the school has a fundraising campaign?

    Pig flyer mocks UNC Chancellor for denouncing anti-Trump violence

    Well, we were almost right. Turns out pigs will fly the day college administrators stand up to liberal excesses.

    Iowa senator wants ‘diversity’ hiring quotas to include ideology

    Turnabout is still fair play, right?

    Thursday 23 February

    CSU tells students to call cops if approached by immigration authorities

    As it is, municipal police generally treat campus police like a little sibling who insists on tagging along. Imagine what Border Patrol and ICE agents are going to think.

    CSULB compiling data on students’ non-traditional sexual orientations

    What we still can’t understand is the option to identify as “Both Gender Conforming and Gender Non-Conforming.”

    Are there people out there who sometimes have a gender and sometimes don’t?

    OCC lifts suspension of student who recorded prof’s anti-Trump rant

    He shouldn’t have been suspended in the first place, of course; OCC presumably realized that punishing a whistleblower probably wasn’t the greatest PR move.

    Friday 24 February

    Students block Wells Fargo ATMs to protest pipeline support

    If only these kids understood banking, they would realize that preventing people from withdrawing their deposits actually helps Wells Fargo.

    Saturday 25 February

    CSUF lecturer suspended for attacking conservative student

    Unlike with Caleb, there was a good reason for this one.

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