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EXCLUSIVE: Weinstein files $3.8M claim against Evergreen State

Bret Weinstein has filed a claim seeking $3.8 million from Evergreen State College for fostering "a racially hostile and retaliatory work environment."

Nikita Vladimirov Jul 25, 2017 at
11:31 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Diversity chiefs drowning in dough

America’s flagship universities are doling out an average of $175,088 per year for administrators tasked with leading their diversity efforts.

Anthony Gockowski Jul 12, 2017 at
8:38 PM EDT

Evergreen profs asked to make 'accommodations' for protesters

Evergreen State College’s provost asked professors to consider the “emotional commitment” of student protesters when deciding their final grades.

Anthony Gockowski Jul 06, 2017 at
12:06 PM EDT

Lawmakers propose defunding Evergreen State amid protests

Washington lawmakers are fed up with the antics of Evergreen State College, and plan to introduce legislation defunding the left-leaning institution.

Peter Van Voorhis May 31, 2017 at
8:24 AM EDT

AUDIO: student forced to stop reading Bible before class

An NAU professor recently demanded that a student stop reading his Bible before class, even calling in the department chair when he refused to comply.

Anthony Gockowski Apr 27, 2017 at
4:18 PM EDT

College Dem exec jumps ship as Party drifts to extreme left

A leader of the College Democrats of America is leaving the Democratic Party to protest its shift toward "extremist rhetoric" and "identity politics."

Kassy Dillon Jan 18, 2017 at
4:12 PM EDT

College wants students to 'color away your testing stress!'

Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania is encouraging students to reduce their testing stress by coloring.

Kassy Dillon Nov 30, 2016 at
6:33 AM EDT

Brown students vandalize U.S. flags on eve of Veterans Day

Brown University students vandalized a memorial to veterans on the eve of their holiday, ripping several American flags in half and tearing them to shreds.

Kassy Dillon Nov 12, 2016 at
12:23 PM EDT

Prof exploits school email list to recruit for Hillary, Dems

A professor at Wabash College used a campus-wide email listserv to solicit student volunteers to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 04, 2016 at
8:02 AM EDT

UPDATE: Students illicitly collect voter data for Hillary

Several more Students for Hillary chapters have been caught flouting tax laws by using school resources to campaign for Secretary Clinton.

Anthony Gockowski and Amber Athey Nov 03, 2016 at
9:53 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Students flout tax rules to help Hillary

Students for Hillary chapters across the nation have flouted their schools’ tax-exempt statuses by using university resources to promote their candidate.

Anthony Gockowski and Amber Athey Nov 02, 2016 at
10:05 AM EDT

Textbook claims American exceptionalism has 'racist overtones'

A required sociology textbook at IPFW blames poverty on capitalism and claims that American exceptionalism has “racist overtones.”

Amber Athey Oct 25, 2016 at
7:44 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Frat cams give NC State intimate view of bros

North Carolina State University has installed "intrusive" surveillance cameras inside select fraternity and sorority houses.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 07, 2016 at
7:48 AM EDT

DUPED: liberal LSU students fall for fake Milo tickets

Students at Louisiana State University snatched up tickets to an upcoming Milo Yiannopoulos event in hopes of disrupting the conservative provocateur, but failed to realize that the event page was a sham.

Amber Athey Sep 12, 2016 at
2:56 PM EDT

KU library pushes BLM propaganda on students

The University of Kansas is encouraging its students to get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement by providing a pool of student resources on the topic in its campus library.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 26, 2016 at
8:29 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: UT prof mocks NRA, Christianity with satirical prayers

A University of Texas, Austin professor contributed a mock version of the Lord’s Prayer during Wednesday’s campus carry protest, calling the NRA “heartless” and saying “Jesus is not conservative enough for Texas.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 25, 2016 at
1:59 PM EDT

OSU course weaves 'critical animal studies' into feminism, social justice

The Ohio State University will be offering a course on “critical animal studies” this fall to explore how societal structures “facilitate and underpin animal subjection in its various levels and forms.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 22, 2016 at
2:27 PM EDT

Utah college formally allows men on women's sports teams

“Westminster College is committed to protecting the rights of all students, and the purpose of this message to inform you of the newly-affirmed rights of transgender students under the DCL.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 19, 2016 at
3:33 PM EDT

'Privilege Board' gets prominent placement at App State

Appalachian State University students must walk past a “privilege board” denouncing their white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender privilege any time they enter the Student Union.

Sydney Hutchison Aug 18, 2016 at
5:12 PM EDT

Conservative students allege tyranny, intimidation by Tarleton State

A Tarleton State University professor was allegedly forbidden from advising a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter because of its political bias, even though another professor is actively advising the Tarleton Progressives.

Amber Athey and Anthony Gockowski Aug 18, 2016 at
3:22 PM EDT

Florida art prof penalizes students for saying 'melting pot'

Students enrolled in Art Appreciation at the University of Florida risk losing credit on assignments if they use the phrase “melting pot” in class.

Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips Aug 11, 2016 at
11:02 AM EDT

Amherst orientation includes mandatory screening of 'I’m Not Racist...Am I?'

“People don’t do what you’re doing in here, which is why we freaking have so much racism.”

Amber Athey Jul 25, 2016 at
3:38 PM EDT

Longwood students: attacking pro-choice views a microaggression

An “educational presentation” on Longwood University’s website claims that challenging someone’s pro-choice views or assuming they smoke weed are both microaggressions.

Amber Athey Jun 28, 2016 at
3:08 PM EDT

Hooters joke leads to harassment of conservative student

All seven witnesses who were interviewed offered differing accounts of the conversation.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 16, 2016 at
12:06 PM EDT

Harvard website claims due process used to silence rape survivors

Harvard University says on its website that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ can be used as a way to silence survivors of sexual assault.   

Amber Athey Jun 14, 2016 at
4:14 PM EDT

Clemson used banana incident to advance liberal agenda, emails show

An email exchange between top Clemson officials suggests that the administration welcomed the opportunity to use the now infamous “banana banner” incident to push a progressive agenda.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 09, 2016 at
3:12 PM EDT

Student threatened with impeachment for 'Forrest Gump' reference

A student at North Carolina State University was hounded by his school’s Greek life organizations for posting conservative-leaning content on his social media accounts, but ultimately dodged impeachment after agreeing to undergo a variety of university-sanctioned punishments.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 08, 2016 at
8:12 AM EDT

Course blames hate speech on ‘right-wing extremism’

The University of North Carolina offers a communications course about the dangers of hate speech, which the course’s professor openly blames on the political right.

Jenna Lawrence Jun 07, 2016 at
11:45 AM EDT

Documents: Clemson believed 'banana banner' incident wasn't racial

Clemson administrators apparently knew more than they let on about the nature of the now-infamous "banana banner" incident, but did nothing to disabuse those who believed it was a form of hate speech.

Peter Fricke Jun 01, 2016 at
11:59 AM EDT

Prof. offers extra credit to demand free tuition from state legislators

"In a 1 to 2-page business letter, write your assembly member and/or state senator as to how the high fees and tuition of the California State University impacts you, and your family, not only financially but also psychologically and in other ways."

Anthony Gockowski May 20, 2016 at
11:03 AM EDT

Muslim students disrupt pro-Israel event at UCI

Police officers were eventually compelled to escort the attendees—not the protesters—away from the event “for their own safety” as the protesters grew increasingly belligerent.

Peter Fricke May 19, 2016 at
5:33 PM EDT

VIDEO: Student wearing empty holster cited for 'threatening the safety of campus'

“You know there's a no-weapons policy out here, but still you want to push it.”

Kassy Dillon Apr 14, 2016 at
10:22 AM EDT

UPDATED: University bans golf team from using Trump course because of campaign rhetoric

"Barry University does not engage in business relationships where... the company's guiding principles are, antithetical to the university’s core commitments of Inclusive Community and/or Social Justice.”

Peter Fricke and Anthony Gockowski Apr 12, 2016 at
8:32 AM EDT

'Trump-er stickers' vandalized, Republican students harassed at Saint Mary's College

The student, and other Republican students have also faced harassment on social media platforms.

Anthony Gockowski Mar 18, 2016 at
7:20 PM EDT

Student Satanists assemble to combat ‘budding conservatism’ at UMM

“I’m looking to start a Satanist group at Morris to address the budding conservatism on this campus..."

Anthony Gockowski Mar 15, 2016 at
1:32 PM EDT

USC student senator faces impeachment for being conservative

The complaint against Ellenhorn accuses him of three violations, all related to his political activities.

Peter Fricke Mar 08, 2016 at
8:26 AM EDT

Prof. tells UVA students listing gender on official docs is 'nonsensical'

The professor said sex markers are "poor proxies" because "maleness and femaleness" can be fluid.

Rob Shimshock Feb 02, 2016 at
11:44 AM EDT

UT Dean rallies faculty against bill to cut diversity funding

"To make sure this is stopped UT faculty, staff, and students should respond as strongly as possible..."

Peter Fricke Jan 29, 2016 at
4:39 PM EDT
Image from USC Consent Carnival Facebook page.

USC 'Consent Carnival' features bounce house sex simulation

Gimmicks and games trumped substance at the event sponsored and organized by the school's student government.

Peter Fricke Jan 29, 2016 at
11:53 AM EDT

Nursing students being taught white privilege, police brutality at Ohio State

“Nothing I learned in this class actually helped me care for a culturally different patient.”

Brian Ledtke Jan 28, 2016 at
8:19 AM EDT

USC ‘Consent Carnival’ to feature kissing booth, trivia games

“Test your knowledge about consent at booths like the kissing booth, jeopardy, matching terms, & darts.”

Peter Fricke Jan 27, 2016 at
12:17 PM EDT

Students nation-wide to attend four-day, university funded white privilege bash

One workshop at the conference will provide a safe-space to share the emotional burden that comes from being a social justice warrior.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 27, 2016 at
8:26 AM EDT

USC student group to host ‘Consent Carnival’

The event will provide a festive atmosphere in which to discuss sexual consent.

Peter Fricke Jan 26, 2016 at
12:59 PM EDT

UCSB plans to coddle students with ‘MICRO-AFFIRMING spaces’ workshop

The school will host a workshop to help students and faculty with “identifying and challenging micro-aggressions in higher education.”

Peter Fricke Jan 25, 2016 at
3:08 PM EDT

Ohio State encourages students to participate in Black Lives Matter movement

"...the Department of English will join a campus-wide effort to plan events related to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Joely Friedman Jan 21, 2016 at
4:22 PM EDT

USC students required to detail sexual history before registering for classes

“We believe you’ll enjoy the assignment, and that this training is in line with our shared belief that Trojans care for Trojans."

Anthony Gockowski Jan 12, 2016 at
8:03 AM EDT

UMD tells students to use 'undocumented citizen' not 'illegal alien'

Among the other scenarios presented are saying “he looks like a terrorist” to someone who is “a United States veteran;” using the phrase “that’s so ghetto” around someone who “grew up in poverty;” and commenting that an “exam just raped me” in the presence of “a survivor of sexual assault.”
Peter Fricke Dec 11, 2015 at 5:14 PM EDT

Student govt wants USC to take in Syrian refugees

The resolution begins by stating that "the Syrian Civil War is in its fifth year, and there is no indication that a peaceful resolution to the conflict is forthcoming."

Peter Fricke Nov 14, 2015 at
5:33 PM EDT

SECOND VIDEO: Yale, Cornell, and Syracuse administrators destroy ‘oppressive’ Constitution

Administrators rip and cut up the Constitution in response to a fake student's complaints of being "triggered" and "haunted" by the experience of seeing pocket Constitutions distributed on campus.

Peter Fricke Nov 05, 2015 at 8:44 AM


VIDEO: Duke, UNC admins refuse to shred 'triggering' Constitution

The final video in Project Veritas' Constitution-shredding series shows administrators at Duke and UNC demonstrating the proper way to respond when a student claims the Constitution is triggering.
Peter Fricke Nov 09, 2015 at 8:44 AM EDT
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