Lia Thomas is not the Woman of the Year

Lia Thomas was recently cut from the running for the NCAA Woman of the Year award.

The Ivy League conference nominated collegiate fencer Sylvie Binder instead.

On July 25, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) unveiled the updated list of nominees selected by each conference to be considered for the 2022 Woman of the Year award. 

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas did not make the cut after the initial 500-person pool was narrowed down to one candidate from each athletic conference. 

The University of Pennsylvania nominated Thomas to be considered for the 2022 Woman of the Year Award earlier this month, but this was floored when the Ivy League conference did not push Thomas forward. 

Rather than Thomas, the Ivy League conference chose Columbia University fencer Sylvie Binder to be nominated for the Woman of the Year award.

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Campus Reform previously reported that Thomas made history by becoming the first biological male to win a national title in the women’s division in March at the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship at Georgia Tech.

Thomas’ performance throughout the 2021-2022 swim season, including having clocked All-American times in the 200-yard and 100-yard freestyle, sent shock waves 5hthe sport. 

Both athletes and lawmakers argued that Thomas’s competition in the women’s division was unfair as he previously competed for three years in the male division. 

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The Woman of the Year Selection Committee will review a total of 156 remaining athletes for the award before trimming the list to 30 athletes representing three divisions. 

Three finalists will be selected from each division, and the honoree will be announced at the January NCAA Convention.

Campus Reform contacted Barnard College and made the best effort to contact Binder and the committee. This article will be updated accordingly.

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