9 colleges using wacky ways to help students 'de-stress' from finals

Campus Reform rounded up some of the strangest ways in which students are trying to relieve stress.

As semester finals approaches, colleges around the country are offering students some very odd ways to decompress.

As the end of the semester approaches, finals season is inevitable for many college students, and to calm students down, colleges and universities are hosting “de-stress” fests, offering students free massages, coloring books, and even a trip to the mall.

1. Middlebury College

At Middlebury College, for example, the Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif. is hosting a “Student Services De-Stress Room,” in which students have the opportunity to “color, smell and breath your stress away!” with free “Essential oil creations,” “coloring,” “play dough,” “hot tea” and even a “foot/neck massager.” 

2. University of Massachusetts- Lowell 

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell took a similar approach, offering students “free chair massages,” as well as a “Reiki massage” during their “stress relief day.” 

3. University of Massachusetts- Amherst 

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst also gives students the chance to receive “acupuncture sessions,” and go to meditation classes.

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4. University of Nebraska-Omaha

Instead of free foot/neck massages, how about a shopping trip? The University of Nebraska-Omaha is providing a “free shuttle” for students to go to a shopping mall in the area called Nebraska Crossing. Students will enjoy a three-hour shopping trip at the mall and are provided with a “free Nebraska Crossing goodie bag.”

For students who aren’t into shopping, however, the University of Nebraska-Omaha provided students with a “Crafternoon at the Library” where students can “color away their stress” and make a “shrinky dink charm.”

5. California State University-Northridge

At California State University-Northridge, their library is handing out “finals survival kits” which include a “FREE pillow,” or earplugs “plus lots of other goodies,” all of which is in addition to providing students with crayons and coloring books that are available in the library throughout finals week.

6. Buffalo State University 

For the students who do not enjoy coloring, Buffalo State University has a “De-Stress Fest” where they are offering hot chocolate, music, crafts, and even “a photo with Santa.”

7. Emerson College

Emerson College is hosting a “Cirque de De-Stress” where students can sign up for appointments to be with “therapy dogs” or take advantage of a “chair massage” in addition to doing “arts and crafts.”

8. Kansas State University

Kansas State University is offering free “noontime yoga” as a way for students to de-stress during finals, stating that it gives students a chance “to practice yoga together in a friendly, non-competitive environment.” 

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9. University of Idaho

The University of Idaho also hosts yoga during their finals “de-stress” fest.

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