Campus Profile: University of North Carolina Wilmington

University of North Carolina Wilmington is a public university in North Carolina. Around 14,700 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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University of North Carolina Wilmington is a public university in North Carolina. Around 14,700 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university. 

Official Political Student Organizations:

Conservative Organizations: 

College Republicans

Turning Point USA


Liberal Organizations:

College Democrats

Feminist Student Alliance

Gender Studies and Research Center

LGBTQIA Resource Office

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion


Students Demand Action of UNCW

Young Democratic Socialists of America


OpenSecrets Data on University of North Carolina Wilmington Employee Political Donations:

In the 2020 election cycle, 93.4% of University of North Carolina Wilmington employee donations went to Democratic candidates in federal elections, while 5.8% of donations went to Republican candidates in federal elections, according to data from Open Secrets.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

University of North Carolina Wilmington has been given a green light speech code. According to FIRE, “Green light institutions are those colleges and universities whose policies nominally protect free speech.” FIRE also notes that a green light does not by itself guarantee that a school actively supports free expression. 


 University of North Carolina Wilmington is NOT requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students.


Stories by Campus Reform about University of North Carolina Wilmington:

The UNCW professor: ‘Blow Up Republicans’ FB post was an attempt to ‘blow off steam’

The UNCW professor who posted ‘Blow Up Republicans’ on his personal Facebook page is now apologizing, stating that the post was an attempt to ‘blow off steam.’ A UNCW Board of Trustees member told Campus Reform that the apology doesn’t change his call for an investigation into the post and the university’s initial handling of the situation.

University celebrates ‘abortion heroes,’ commends illegal abortions

UNCW’s LGBTQIA Resource Office and Women’s Studies and Resource Center teamed up to support, promote, and fund a student event celebrating those who have performed illegal abortions. Both centers have co-sponsored pro-abortion events in the past.

The director of the LGBTQIA Resource Office is married to the director of the Women’s Studies and Resource Center.

UNCW ditches ‘Women’s Studies’ to make way for ‘Gender Studies’

In an effort to be more inclusive to “transgender women,” the University of North Carolina-Wilmington has changed its Women’s Studies center to one for “Gender Studies.” The director says the change “better serves the mission of the center.”