Gender identity will become more ‘mainstream’ thanks to gender clinics, Stanford professor argues

The pediatrics professor and medical director of the school’s gender clinic argued, 'I think that as time goes on, gender identity is just going to be part of the mainstream of who people are.'

A video of the online presentation was posted on Twitter. The account owner told Campus Reform that children are being 'abused' by education and medical institutions.

Gender identity will become a part of students’ day-to-day lives, one Stanford professor recently argued. 

During an online presentation, Stanford University Professor of Pediatrics Tandy Aye broke down gender identity and why it is becoming more popular in younger generations.

Aye also serves as the medical director of the Stanford Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Clinic.

clip of Aye’s presentation was posted to Twitter on Dec. 5 by Inside the Classroom, an account dedicated to “exposing CRT and queer theory inside the classrooms.”

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Arguing against the narrative that transgenderism is “trendy,” Aye claims that “[m]ost of our patients are not coming out because they want the attention, because the attention oftentimes is sometimes negative attention that they’re getting.”

Instead, Aye points out that teaching children about gender terms allows them to associate with one of them.

“They say, ‘Ah, this is the term that matches, and this is what I’ve been feeling, and now I have that terminology to be able to express it,’” Aye said. 

She also claims that elementary school students are now more aware of certain gender terms, such as the terms “transgender” and “non-binary.”

“I think that as time goes on, gender identity is just going to be part of the mainstream of who people are,” Aye said. 

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The owner of the Twitter account, “Inside the Classroom,” said that this ideology is not unique to Stanford.

“[T]his ideology is coming from numerous institutions, namely education and medical,” they told Campus Reform.  “There is a link between schools and gender clinics.”

The account owner also pointed out that education and medical institutions should be “places where children should be safeguarded and protected.”

“Instead, they are being abused.”

Stanford University is an ivy league institution located in Stanford, California. 

Campus Reform reached out to each party mentioned and this article will be updated accordingly.

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