'I will f**king slit your throat': Student alleges pro-abortion activist threatened her at March for Life

Cerankowsky said the protester was later seen being led away in handcuffs.

Selene Cerankowsky is president of the Robert Morris University Students for Life of America chapter.

While at this year's March for Life, Cerankowsky says a pro-abortion protester threatened to "f**king slit [her] throat."

A pro-life Robert Morris University student alleged that a pro-abortion activist confronted her at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and threatened to “slit” her throat. 

Selene Cerankowsky, a junior at Robert Morris and president of her school’s chapter of Students for Life of America, claims that at the end of the march, a protester wearing a black hoodie and white pants with “blood on the crotch area” confronted her, standing only three inches away from her face. She suspected the student was part of one of the pro-choice groups that were on Capitol Hill protesting the March for Life. 

Campus Reform has not independently confirmed the student’s account. Campus Reform contacted the United States Capitol Police, which referred the inquiry to the U.S. Supreme Court Police. The Supreme Court Police did not respond to Campus Reform in time for publication. 

Cerankowsky told The Daily Caller that the protester told her to “back up or I will fucking slit your throat.” 

“So I said, ‘did you really just say that?’” Cerankowsky said

Cerankowsky says the protester replied, “I swear to God, back up. Back up.” 

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The junior at Robert Morris said that she refused to back down even though she “felt a little fearful”. 

“If we make a habit of that, the pro-choice bullies will know to keep employing that tactic.” 

Cerankowsky reported the incident to Students for Life of America Regional Coordinator Stephanie Stone, who reported it to the police. 

The individual was reportedly later seen being arrested. 

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President of Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins told Campus Reform the “violence of the abortion industry” must be held accountable. 

”At Students for Life of America, we are taking stronger steps to protect our staff and students who boldly go to their campuses, communities, and legislatures to say that the human rights issue of our day, abortion, must be addressed. We don’t take this trend toward violence lightly,” Hawkins said.

“I joined Selene and my staff at the Supreme Court right after the incident to check on their safety and to take my place on the front lines of this struggle to protect both mother and preborn infants from a predatory, violent abortion industry. But we will not be silent. We will keep fighting for those who don’t have a voice,” Hawkins added.

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Hawkins also weighed in on how “desperate” the pro-choice movement has become in America, stating that protestors “poured water into the SFLA megaphone”. 

“The pro-choice movement is becoming increasingly desperate as abortion is being limited in most states across the country, and so the violence of abortion against people in the womb is now also becoming acts and threats of violence against peaceful pro-life people who care about them,” she added.

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