LGBT group scraps sexual health fair that excluded pro-lifers

An LGBT student group that refused to let a pro-life group participate in its Sexual Awareness Fair at Baldwin Wallace University has now cancelled the event due to “poor planning.”

Baldwin Wallace University spokesperson Dan Karp confirmed in a statement to Campus Reform that the event originally slated to take place Friday has been cancelled, but noted that the decision to exclude the school’s Right to Life chapter “was not the only reason for the cancellation.”

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“The Sexual Health Awareness Fair was originated by the campus student group Allies (Straight/Gay Alliance) without guidance from their advisor or the University and was cancelled due to poor planning,” Karp explained.

“The University was not consulted by the student group in the planning and had it been contacted would have provided proper instruction on including experts in health awareness, and inclusion of all groups who wish to participate including BW’s student Right to Life group,” he added.

According to The Daily Caller, the pro-life organization received an invitation to participate in the fair from Director of Student Activities Jamie Yager, and responded affirmatively that it intended to host a table at the fair in order to educate students on the negative effects of abortion and explain alternative options that are available to pregnant women.

The Baldwin Wallace Allies, however, decided to deny the Right to Life group’s request in mid October, arguing that its viewpoints “do not meet our definition of sex positivity and sexual health awareness.”

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“Regrettably, they denied the Right to Life Student group from attending,” Karp confirmed to Campus Reform. “Since then, University advisors have taken this opportunity to work with the student groups on how to better uphold and strengthen the values of the BW community.”

Karp also addressed the erasure of pro-life chalk messages earlier last month, saying such actions violate the Student Code of Conduct.

“A couple weeks ago the student Right to Life group chalked several sidewalks on campus with Pro-Life messages which were reviewed and permissible as free-speech by the University,” he explained. “Subsequently, the chalked messages were erased, without knowledge by the University, by individuals unknown to the University. Had students been caught removing the chalking they would have been in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.”

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