'LGBTQ+ allyship trainings' at a Catholic university? Yes, there are.

Carlow University's "Social Justice Institutes" sponsor programming and trainings that promote transgender identity, Critical Race Theory, and anti-racism.

One student told 'Campus Reform' that events lineup creates an unwelcoming culture for conservatives on campus.

A Catholic university in Pennsylvania operates an organization called the “Social Justice Institutes,” which focuses on “raising awareness of institutional racism” and follows a “critical social justice” approach.

They also facilitate “allyship and antiracism Social Justice Learning Modules for all incoming students” as well as “LGBTQ+ allyship trainings for students, faculty, and staff.”

Campus Reform spoke with one Carlow student who said he feels that university programming creates an unwelcoming culture for him and his fellow conservative students. 

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The “one-sidedness” of the Fall 2021 SJI programming “definitely could create a culture where one side feels more heard and supported than the other,” the student said.

The student asked to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want his peers “to view [his] character a certain way because of [his] views.”

Among the Carlow University ”Social Justice Institutes’” fall 2021 events is one panel taking a look at campus police “using an antiracist lens,” a lecture on “Critical Race Theory” and “why it’s under attack,” and an “Antiracism book club” that meets throughout the semester.

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The event description for the October 6 “Critical Race Theory” event describes the framework as a “political battleground within publicly funded education.” The lecture will cover whether banning it from being taught would have an effect on academic freedom.

Another event, “Mental Health & Policing on Campus,” discusses “the need for mental health resources (particularly for students of color) on campus.” It will also take a closer look at “campus policing using an antiracist lens,” and the “need for reform in this area.”

Carlow University declined to comment on the 2021 programming when contacted by Campus Reform.