Prof: 'I am blinded by my whiteness,' 'don’t know all of what it means to be white or male or a US citizen'

Western Connecticut State University psychology professor Daniel W. Barrett claims that the “white race” is “based on the continual exploitation of others."

A Connecticut university psychology chair publicly shared his own psychological struggle with his own race in a recent op-ed.

The head of Western Connecticut State University’s psychology department shared his own qualms about being white on Tuesday, claiming that “whiteness needs to go away.”

Daniel Barrett, professor and chair of the school’s psychology department, made this claim and others in an op-ed he penned for The Good Men Project

In the piece titled “Race Traitor?” the professor states that “Whiteness needs to go a-way,” claiming that if “whiteness” is based on “the increasing destruction of the environment” and the “total demolition of value,” specifically “truth, integrity, honesty, defense of the common good, common sense, love broadly construed, recognition of the inherent humanity of others, and so on,” then the concept “should be allowed to dissolve into oblivion, erode into nothingness.”

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Barrett goes on to muse about his personal tumultuous relationship with his identity. 

“I don’t know all of what it means to be white or male or a U.S. citizen,” he writes. “I need Others to tell me. Introspection is self-limiting.”

The professor proclaims that he is “blinded” by his own “whiteness.”

“I do not know the extent to which I have been advantaged, but it is clear that I have. This ‘extentness’ cannot be unpacked because there is no separating what I have earned from what I have been given,” Barrett asserts. “Privilege is yet another question which must remain unanswered (yet not unacknowledged).”

The professor purports that although “white has no intrinsic meaning, no import, no value” and that “whiteness has no nation, no culture, no essence,” his white identity “reverberates through the fabric of [his] being and [his] consciousness, seemingly without limit.”

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He goes on to insist that even if he were to wish not to be white, such a desire is “not an authentic wish,” relating such a sentiment to a “queen” wishing to be a “factory worker” and a “master” wishing to be a “slave.” Barrett claims that his ability to “entertain such questions” is, in and of itself, “partially derivative” from his “privilege.”

“A wealthy person is unable to wish to be poor, as it is already too late (there is no undoing.)” he writes, adding that “there are no other options.”

Campus Reform reached out to Barrett for further comment but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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