Profs: College Republicans have 'white supremacist' views, supporting Trump's re-election a 'racist provocation'

The California State  University-Chico State Faculty Association (CFA) released a statement Wednesday assuring the student body that it is aware of what it characterized as the harm caused by the Republican group on campus, calling President Donald Trump a “symbol of insult, derision, and ridicule of specific groups within our society.” 

The Chico State Student Government released a resolution in response to CFA. It urged the administration to take disciplinary action against students who break student conduct rules: “We take this stance because students of color have expressed that they are experiencing an increasingly hostile racial climate, both on and off-campus, since President Trump took office. It is unjust for students of color to experience overt and/or covert forms of racism ideologically, systemically, and/or in practice.”

Chico State student Michael Curry, who is also a Campus Reform Campus Correspondent, was battered by an irate student in November while holding an “All Lives Matter” Sign. Video of the incident can be seen here from a tweet he posted to his account. 

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On the day following the battering, the College Republicans were taunted by a number of students while at their table on campus. 

Curry tweeted that the College Republicans have been continually harassed and intimidated. Video of the incident can be seen here from a tweet Curry posted to his account. 

In response to these issues, the Chico State Faculty Association said, “We want students, staff, and faculty of color, as well as members of any other groups that have been targeted by white supremacist insults, ridicule, and other forms of oppression to know that CFA sees the harm that is inflicted when we are all subjected to witness such abuse.”

The Chico State faculty stresses that these are “strange times” for society, adding that “displaying banners and signs supporting the reelection of the sitting president can be experienced as an act of racist provocation.” 

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The faculty at Chico State continued their statement by saying that the right-wing political voices saying they are being silenced is “absurd.” 

The CFA says, “rejecting the abusive, insulting, and corrupt president/candidate they support is not punishment.“ They believe there is no disciplinary sanction they are able to put forth on student groups who express their free speech rights. But, they do feel that they need not sit by silently and “pretend that such views are not offensive or even provoking to many members of our community.”

Campus Reform reached out to Michael Curry for comment but was not able to receive comment in time for publication.

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