RI health exchange urges parents use dating, hookup apps to nag children into Obamacare

HealthSource RI, Rhode Island's state-run Obamacare exchange, created a “Nag Toolkit” for dating sites.

Obamacare's open enrollment period ends on March 31.

HealthSource RI is encouraging parents to "mercilessly" nag their children through hookup, social media apps.

Rhode Island’s Obamacare exchange is telling parents to create profiles on online dating and hookup apps to “mercilessly” nag their children into signing up for Obamacare.

“Help us get your kids insured by nagging them about health insurance where they least expect it,” reads the homepage for HealthSource RI’s “Nag Toolkit.”

The tool teaches parents how to stalk their children on the hookup app Tinder, in which users scroll through fellow users’ Facebook profile photos and select which ones they would like to hook up with.

The “Nag Toolkit” tells parents to download the app, add a profile picture with a sign saying “Get health insurance,” and list the same interests as their children to increase their “Tinder compatibility.”

Another section of the kit advises parents to create profiles on the online dating website OkCupid and repeatedly message their children, nagging them to get insurance.

“Your kids don’t want to get health insurance,” the kit advises. “They also don’t want to get nagged. Let’s find out which one they want less.”

It also provides instructions for parents on how to “nag” their children on other social media networks including Twitter, Snapchat, and Vine.

HealthSource RI did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

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