UC Berkeley to host ‘White Anti-Racist Training’ for ‘queer and women’s communities’

Previous discussions included "how white privilege shows up in LGBTQ community spaces and how to confront it."

Training will be held by Envision, a campus discussion group.

A student group at University of California - Berkeley is hosting a “White Anti-Racist Training” to teach white people how to confront white privilege in “queer and women's communities.”

The event, titled “White Anti-Racist Training: Deconstructing Whiteness in Women's and Queer Communities PART II” is put on by Envision, an official school discussion group.

The group is “designed to equip white* students, faculty and staff with the tools to analyze white privilege and to challenge racism within and beyond our campus women's and queer communities,” according to a description on the college’s official website.

“Come learn some of the skills needed to employ white anti-racist practices specifically in queer and women's communities,” reads the online RSVP form. “Come take part in our effort to create a community of self-education and accountability.”

The March 16 training will be the second that Envision has hosted — but the event description promises to take the “conversation to the next level” from what was discussed in the fall.

Previous discussion topics have included how to “[navigate] spaces that are focused on people of color as white people” and “fully participate without taking up too much space,” a lesson on how “transgender white people can be stronger allies and anti-racists in support of transgender people of color,” and “how white privilege shows up in LGBTQ community spaces and how to confront it.”

The group focuses on white students to take the “burden off of people of color to educate white people about racism and oppression,” according to the official description listed on the college website.

The leadership of Envision did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication.

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