Student activist Brooke Paz tops list of Higher Ed Heroes

Pro-life activist and College Republicans leader Brooke Paz took first place in the voting for Campus Reform’s inaugural Higher Ed Heroes competition.

As vice president of the California State University, Fullerton College Republicans chapter, Paz led the group in an effort to recall California State Senator Josh Newman after the Democratic supermajority passed what conservatives deemed a “significant increase to car and gas taxes.”

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As a result, she and her peers were named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by the California Democratic Party to block the recall efforts.

Undaunted, Paz retorted in a press release that this was just “the latest in a long list of attempts by Newman and California Democrats to subvert the will of voters.”

Additionally, in her capacity as a member of the College Republicans Executive Board, Paz took a stand against attempts at censorship after more than 70 CSUF faculty members urged the administration to “reconsider” a scheduled appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.

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In addition to her work with the College Republicans, Paz is highly active as the president of the school’s Students for Life chapter, which provides a consistent voice for pro-life values on a highly liberal campus.

As determined by the votes of readers, Paz edged out fellow Californian Troy Worden, the former president of the UC-Berkeley College Republicans, as well as such high-profile figures as Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, and Jordan Peterson.

Congratulations to Paz and all the other winners of Campus Reform’s Higher Ed Heroes competition!

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