Dems took 100% of donations from Williams College in 2017

Since 2009, only two Williams College employees have donated money to Republicans, but Democrats have raked in thousands from faculty and staff members over the same period.

The Williams Record originally reported that faculty and staff at the New England liberal arts college donated a total of $20,325.22 to candidates and committees in federal elections in 2017, with every contribution going to Democrats.

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Individual employees’ total contributions in 2017 ranged from $5,264 to $2, averaging $267 per employee. The various donations went to fundraisers and PACs such as PAC, ActBlue, and Emily’s List.

Campus Reform verified the paper’s findings through the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) Individual Contributor Search, finding that not only was The Record correct in its assertion, but that only two employees have made political contributions to a right-leaning individual or organization since the FEC began its digital database.

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One professor, who teaches a non-political subject in the humanities, donated $500 to John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, $250 to Rick Santorum’s campaign in 2012, and $250 to Ted Cruz’s campaign in 2016.

Meanwhile, another staffer donated $500 to John Rooney, a Michigan candidate for Congress, meaning only $1,500 has gone to Republicans since 2009.

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