Prof asks students to ‘find something’ to celebrate on 4th

A University of Northern Colorado professor told students that she hopes they can “find something to celebrate” on Independence Day despite “a ton of ugliness in our nation’s past and present.”

“Happy 4th of July on Wednesday,” Kyle Nelson wrote in an email to students in her Sociology 170--Social Problems class. “Despite all the social problems we are facing and despite a ton of ugliness in our nation’s past and present, I hope each of us can find something to celebrate or honor or at least reflect on over the holiday.”

Campus Reform obtained a copy of the post from one of Nelson’s students who was concerned by the professor’s words. While the email itself was vague about the “ugliness” to which Nelson was referring, her Twitter page offers some insights into the “social problems” that she fears might ruin Independence Day for her students.

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Nelson, a self described “social justice advocate,” has made several public posts addressing her disdain for President Trump and his policies on issues like immigration and gun control.

“#Notmypresident is the snake and this is his poison. Shame on us for letting this predator into our #whitehouse,” one post reads.

In other posts, Nelson has called Trump’s immigration enforcement policy “evil” and railed against arming teachers in favor of gun control.

“After school today, my 6yo wanted to surprise a teacher who was doing carpool lane duty,” one tweet reads. “I froze with the thought- what if that amazing teacher had a gun and drew it on my son upon being startled? 2/ #GunControlNow #NOGUNSinschools.”

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She was also apparently quite taken with a post declaring that “We keep referrin’ to Trump as a racist, while naively believin’ his supporters consider that a bad thing.”

“This,” Nelson responded while retweeting the post. “All day. Everyday. Since day 1.” 

Campus Reform reached out to Nelson for comment, but has not received a response.

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