Student arrested, charged with battery after confrontation with College Republicans

The student, Shelby Anne Shoup, threw her drink on at least one College Republican member and kicked over a sign.

Florida State University police arrested and charged a student who allegedly assaulted at least one College Republican at a tabling event.

Police at a Florida university have arrested a student who allegedly assaulted at least one College Republican, according to a Friday announcement.

Florida State University police arrested FSU student Shelby Anne Shoup after the release of a viral video in which Shoup threw her drink at a College Republican and kicked over a Ron DeSantis campaign sign. 

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The College Republicans tabled Tuesday to educate students about the importance of voting in the midterm elections when Shoup confronted them.

“You are supporting Nazis,” the student said. “Do you know that?”

“You’re supporting communism?” a bystander asked Shoup, pointing to a pin worn by the student, which appears to depict a sickle and hammer.

“Yeah, I fucking am,” Shoup responded. “Fuck you, man.”

“Don’t pour your coffee on me,” the bystander said.

“Fuck you, I will,” Shoup said, tossing the contents of her drink, which she subsequently claimed was chocolate milk, onto the bystander. “Fuck all of you.”

“I hope you all realize that you are normalizing and enabling Nazis. And you can film me, I don’t give a shit. Listen here: eleven of my people are fucking dead this weekend,” she continued, referencing the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. 

”Two black people are dead in Kentucky because of fucking nationalist murderers that this normalizes,” she added, referencing the Louisville Kroger store shooting. 

Shoup kicked a sign promoting Fla. Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis while leaving the scene. 

FSU College Republicans Vice Membership Chair Daisy Judge commented on the incident to Campus Reform.

“While handing out Trump stickers to two students, I was brashly approached by two students insinuating that we were racists for supporting  President Trump,” Judge told Campus Reform. “This escalated into the students implying that we were responsible for the shooting that occurred in Pittsburgh. The female student threw her chocolate milk on me after stating that the Republican Party and myself were Nazis for who[m] we aligned ourselves with.”

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“As she continued to voice her opinion, she once again threw her drink on me while I continued to remain civil and explain our stance,” the vice membership chair said. “As others approached to de-escalate the situation, she threw the remainder of her drink on someone else [at the beginning of the video] due to them pointing out that she supported the Communist party. The girl then went on to hit a passing by student and to kick down our DeSantis sign.”

“FSU is a diverse community that values and respects each person,” the school posted on Twitter Friday. “FSU expects each member of the community to embrace the values of civility and ethical conduct and obey the law. Regarding Tuesday’s incident, the individual was identified, arrested and charged with battery.”

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