EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Prof says universities 'make it easier' for Antifa ideas to be 'put into practice'

Bucknell University Professor Alexander Riley says universities "make it easier" for ideas, such as those of Antifa, to take root.

Riley explained this is partly because of the fact that "everybody's on the same side," referring to college campuses.

Bucknell University Professor Alexander Riley says universities “make it easier” for “wrong-headed” and “anti-democratic” ideas, like those of Antifa and its sympathizers, to take root and be “put into practice.”

Riley, who first drew attention to the fact that Bucknell University invited former Dartmouth lecturer and Antifa sympathizer Mark Bray to speak on the Pennsylvania campus on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, made those comments and more in an exclusive interview with Campus Reform Managing Editor Jon Street on Tuesday. 

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Bray, as Campus Reform has reported, is the author of Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook and donated half of his book proceeds to the group that President Donald Trump says he is considering labeling as a domestic terror organization. Bray has also stated that violence is a “legitimate response” to white supremacist and other extremist views. 

While Riley noted that “it’s not everybody on the left who endorses Mark Bray and those ideas...there are some folks on the left who I think are willing to entertain the notion that you have to repress some ideas, some ideas have to be prevented from being expressed.” 

”That becomes even easier to not just articulate that position but essentially to put it into practice in places like universities where, again, you get a certain kind of groupthink phenomena in some humanities and social sciences parts of university where everybody’s basically on the same side,” Riley told Campus Reform

”It’s much easier for wrongheaded and frankly anti-democratic like those of Mr. Bray to get a little wider purview than they would otherwise.”

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