Prof 'disciplined' after social media post mocking Trump-supporting student surfaces

Local media in North Carolina reported that a community college professor took a photo of a student who supports President Donald Trump, and then posted the photo with commentary appearing to mock the student's politics.

The president of the college told Campus Reform that the same faculty member has been "disciplined."

The professor, however, said she was "cleared" by the school of any violations.

A North Carolina community college “disciplined” one of its department chairs after the faculty member took a surreptitious photo of a student wearing Trump campaign gear in class and used it in a social media post. 

Johnston Community College President David Johnson confirmed to Campus Reform Wednesday that the school’s educational technologies and computer sciences department chair Tammy Bird was “disciplined” after CBS17 reported she took a photo of a student in a “Trump 2020” T-shirt and published it in a social media post appearing to mock the student.

The local media outlet reported Bird posted the photo of the student on her personal Facebook page. The station aired images showing an individual in a “Trump 2020” shirt with the expression “OMG” covering the student’s face.

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Screengrab: CBS17

“Hardest teaching day to date,” Bird captioned the photo. She also listed several hashtags, including “#writewhatscaresyou” and “#lovetrumpshate.”

Having previously stated that the issue was a “personnel matter and under investigation,” Johnson has now confirmed to Campus Reform that Bird has been punished for her actions.

“Upon becoming aware of certain online posts by Dr. Tammy Bird involving a student at the College, the College conducted an internal investigation of the incident,” Johnson told Campus Reform. “The instructor was disciplined for her actions.”

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While the college president was unwilling to clarify the “type of disciplinary action taken,” he was willing to definitively state that “she was disciplined.” This seems to contradict Bird’s statement to CBS17. According to the local news station, Bird claims to have been “cleared” of any violations by the school.

Campus Reform reached out to Bird for clarification on these differing accounts but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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