Will Obama's endorsement help Biden? This video casts doubt.

Will Obama's endorsement help woo college voters, though?

President Barack Obama is set to endorse Joe Biden for president.

This 2017 video from Campus Reform casts doubt.

Former President Barack Obama is set to endorse for president his former vice president, Joe Biden, on Tuesday. 

The endorsement comes just days after Biden’s 2020 Democratic presidential primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, also endorsed him. 

While Obama’s endorsement will no doubt help to woo some Democratic voters, and perhaps even some independent voters, it’s unclear whether Obama’s backing of Biden will help him among one demographic: college students. 

As multiple polls throughout the 2020 Democratic primary indicated, Biden was consistently among college students’ last choice to take on President Donald Trump in November. Their top choices were Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, and Pete Buttigieg.

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In April 2017, Campus Reform asked college students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia for their thoughts on some of Obama’s first actions as president, but instead of attributing those actions to Obama, Campus Reform at first told the students Trump took those actions. 

Among the actions attributed to Obama were his 2009 “apology tour,” of which students were not fans. Another action taken by Obama, which students were initially told was an action that Trump took, was the 2009 economic stimulus package. 

After hearing details of that legislation, one student said it was “reminiscent” of Nazi Germany. 

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