'Drag should not be encouraged': Students oppose their university promoting drag shows

The Residence Housing Association, a student-led organization within Residence Life at Boise State, hosted a drag show on Apr. 12.

'Young students should not be encouraged by public institutions to dress and act in a sexually explicit manner,' one student told Campus Reform.

Students at Boise State University were invited to participate in an Early 2000s Themed Drag Show hosted by the Residence Housing Association (RHA), a student-led organization under the Idaho university’s Housing and Residence Life office. 

The Apr. 12 event was first announced via the RHA Instagram page on Mar. 30, which scouted for student performers and linked to a private Google Form to sign-up.

But not everyone was enamored with the event. 

“Drag should not be encouraged at Boise State,” Jacob Jones, a senior, told Campus Reform. “Young students should not be encouraged by public institutions to dress and act in a sexually explicit manner.” 

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The show was open to all students and residents. According to the event description, “local professionals” also performed. The show was held in the Student Union Building.

“I don’t believe that this event is something that keeps most residential students in mind,” sophomore and Turning Point USA Boise State chapter President Darby O’Connor told Campus Reform.

In addition, O’Connor was concerned with how RHA promoted the event. 

“I’ve heard from several friends who are on their dorm’s Hall Councils that this event was overly forced onto them by the RHA, and they’re expected to promote and create excitement for the event,” she said. “I cannot see how this event reflects or relates to the association’s mission, and that’s why it’s so off-putting.” 

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Jones echoed similar comments. 

“If people want to do so at privately owned businesses or clubs, it is a free country they are in their right to do so. But this should not be funded and supported by a state university,” he said. 

Campus Reform has reached out to Boise State’s Housing and Residential Life and the RSA for further comments.