Top 10 video moments of 2022

With 2023 around the corner, Campus Reform is reviewing the people, demonstrations, and events caught on film this year.

With 2023 around the corner, Campus Reform is reviewing the people, demonstrations, and events caught on film this year.

Here are ten ‘man on the street’ highlights from 2022.  

10. WATCH: Students only want conservative messaging banned

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Logan Dubil asked students if they would support a similar ban on political messaging in classrooms.

When asked if they would allow a political flag in the classroom, students appeared to support banning the flags that tend to align with conservative values, while finding no issues with flags more traditionally associated with liberal ideology.

9WATCH: A man can be woman of the year, students argue

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha asked students if men should be considered for this year’s “Women of the Year” honorees.

According to students, they had no problem with men participating. “I’d still count him as a female,” one student told Campus Reform. Students were also open to scrapping the use of gender division would “be fair to everyone.”

8. WATCH: Students haven’t met a pregnant man

Campus Reform Correspondent Noelle Fitchett asked students what they thought of Apple’s new pregnant man emoji. Although most students supported the emoji, no students knew a pregnant man in real life.

“It helps a lot with inclusion.” one student remarked. More students echoed that Apple’s new emoji was a step toward progress.

7. WATCH: ‘DISAPPOINTED’: Students react to one year of President Biden

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Logan Dubil asked students how they rate Biden’s first year in the Oval Office. 

While students were happy Biden was in office, many students struggled to name one of Biden’s accomplishments. “I honestly have no idea,” a student told Dubil.

6. Students on Tampons In Men’s Restrooms: “I Guess They Don’t Think”

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Emily Fowler recently asked young Americans in Washington, DC, their thoughts on tampons in Men’s restrooms. Due to many women struggling to find tampons, some students say that universities should not be putting tampons in male restrooms.

“I can’t really fathom that this is reality right now, and I know a lot of women who are really experiencing it right now,” said one woman. “It’s just disgusting that we have to . . . experience this on top of everything else,” another woman told Fowler.

5. WATCH: Pro-life women celebrate end of Roe v. Wade

After the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision dropped, pro-life activists erupted in overwhelming cheer outside the Supreme Court. 

“I worked on this issue for 10 years. There are people here who have worked on this issue for 50 years,” Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising Founder and Executive Director Terrisa Bukovinac told Campus Reform. “It is an incredible experience to be here with them.”

4. WATCH: ‘It’s whatever’: Watch students try to figure out ‘what is a woman?’

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha asked students Walsh’s infamous question, “What is a Woman?”

Students overwhelmingly favored subjective standards such as personality traits or femininity, as opposed to biology. However, when asked whether or not judging women by traits like personality or style was sexist, students consistently agreed. Regardless, students were reluctant to back peddle their stance.

3. WATCH: Male students define a ‘man’

Campus Reform Correspondent Jaden Heard spoke to male students about their definition of a man.

Across the board, male students felt that identifying as a man does not alone make a person a man. When asked if all it takes to be a man is to identify as one, one student replied, “I mean, I guess you could identify as whatever you want but I don’t think that changes your physical gender.”  

2. WATCH: Protesters tell student to ‘k*ll yourself’

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent William Biagini asked students about the “Parental Rights in Education” law. 

While Biagini was reporting at the march, he was recognized due to his previous work as a journalist. Once recognized by the hostile crowd, Biagini was subject to a significant amount of verbal abuse such as “Kill yourself,” and “Boo transphobe!”

1. WATCH: Georgia Tech athletes sound off on Lia Thomas controversy

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha traveled to Georgia Institute of Technology ahead of the NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming Championship, where transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is causing controversy with his dominance over female athletes.

Students who disagreed with his participation told Campus Reform that biological advantages make it an unfair playing field for his competition. But not all students were on board. Students in support of Thomas told Campus Reform that he should be able to complete because he has transitioned to identify as a woman, despite the advantages he may hold in the competition.