Committee chairwoman supports ban on federal funds to universities housing illegal aliens

Campus Reform obtained a full list of remarks from Dr. Virginia Foxx on a recent illegal migrant shelter bill.

The bill was voted on by a House committee earlier this summer and will now advance to the full House of Representatives.

On June 21, Campus Reform obtained a full list of remarks by Chairwoman of the Committee on Education & the Workforce Dr. Virginia Foxx in which she expressed her support for a bill aimed at removing federal funding for schools that shelter illegal migrants. 

“It [the bill] says you can’t house migrants in college dorms. You can’t house illegal immigrants in middle school gyms,” she remarked. “You can’t house migrants on any school property if you want your federal funding.” 

She also pointed out that housing illegal migrants in schools puts students at risk of “physically being put in harm’s way.” 

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The committee voted on the bill—called the “Schools Not Shelters Act” —earlier this summer on June 13. According to K-12 Dive, the bill will now proceed to the consideration of the full House of Representatives, where it will be decided and enforced if passed.

Dr. Foxx also stated in her remarks that she supports the legally correct term “alien” rather than the politically correct term “undocumented migrant.” 

In her defense of the decision, she stated that “[n]ow is not the time to wave the white flag in a semantic battle. Now is especially not the time to substitute longstanding, well-defined immigration language for lighter, fluffier terms. Words have meaning.” 

Additionally, she wrote in her remarks that “the bill before us today uses appropriate legal language to identify and resolve one aspect of Biden’s broken border policy.” 

Dr. Foxx stated that these actions are direct consequences of President Biden’s  policies on the southern border. 

“These actions are an unacceptable consequence of the administration’s open border policies, as Americans know that housing the surge of migrants in education facilities is unsustainable and inappropriate,” she wrote. 

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This connects to a larger trend currently being covered by Campus Reform in which universities are actively being used as shelters for illegal immigrants. For example, New York City mayor Eric Adams announced on June 12 that two American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) dormitories will be used as large shelters to house over 800 illegal immigrants. 

The announcement was made via a press release from the mayor’s office. 

Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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