Ohio State hosts ‘sex activist’ who teaches students how to have the ‘Best Sex Ever’

In observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Ohio State University (OSU) taught students how to have the “Best Sex Ever.”

Last Tuesday, OSU brought sex education activist Laci Green to campus. Green is a YouTuber who is best known for her channel where she hosts “Sex Plus,” known as “sex ed for the internet.”

She has more than 1.3 million subscribers on her channel and provides commentary on sexuality, gender, body image, relationships, and feminism.

Some of Green’s videos include “Wanna Have Sex? (Consent 101),” “Dirty Vag!nas,” “BDSM 101!” “I Love Foreskin (wtf circumcision?),” “Faking Orgasm,” “Sex with Disabilities,” among many other colorfully-titled YouTube commentaries. She also hosts MTV’s first YouTube channel, MTV Braless; according to her bio, she also works with Planned Parenthood.

“Sexual violence isn’t fun, but sex is a completely different thing,” said Green as quoted in OSU’s student newspaper, The Lantern. “We should be empowered with information so we can stay safe and healthy while indulging.”

Coordinators of Green’s event gave out blindfolds with “consent is sexy” written on it, memorabilia with “GYT”—short for “Get Yourself Tested”— and condoms.

In Green’s presentation of “Best Sex Ever,” which is described on her website as “a sex positive crash-course about the safe and healthy exploration of their sexuality while in college,” she introduced the topic with in-depth description of human genitalia anatomy.

The Lantern stated that Green summarized how “porn can give unrealistic expectations of labia and penis size, how G-spot stimulation sometimes make people feel like they have to pee, claimed that the clitoris is ‘the most underrated body part ever’ and said that some enjoy prostate stimulation.”

Another part of Green’s presentation to OSU’s well-attended event was concerned with discrediting “myths” concerning STDs and how they can be treated fairly easily, like other diseases and infections.

According to The Lantern, Green said that knowing how one’s body works, how to use protection and how to ask for consent are the keys to having the “best sex ever.”

She explained that an example of consent was “Oh, that feels so good,” while on the other hand, silence or “I don’t really like this” do not constitute consent.

According to The Lantern, Green’s event was sponsored by The Office of Student Life Multicultural Center and Student Wellness Center in observance of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month as decreed by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

David Isaacs, manager of communications and media relations at OSU, said in an interview with Campus Reform that no student fees were used to sponsor Green’s event. Because of the booking company’s agreements, he said he could not disclose how much the university paid for Green to speak on campus.

Many people who commented on The Lantern’s article about Green’s visit to campus were not pleased about OSU sponsoring this event.

“[I]nviting a woman onto campus to tell students that having sex like rabbits is just fine and dandy because constant sex is good and you can always take pills to cure your multiple STD’s seems a little more than inappropriate,” wrote commenter It’s 1978 Again.

“[H]ow the hell do they justify endorsing, promoting and/or even just hosting an event like this? It’s as if inappropriate discussions are suddenly appropriate as long as they’re (washed) across a pro-gay/anti-rape backdrop,” Classof2000 wrote.

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