Lady Gaga, Gov. Cuomo urge passage of 'Enough is Enough'

Lady Gaga has teamed up with N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to push for legislation to combat sexual assaults on college campuses.

After telling her own sexual assault story, Lady Gaga collaborated with Cuomo to co-author an op-ed in support of the Democratic governor’s Enough is Enough campaign.

“By passing legislation such as the bill currently before the New York State legislature, we can turn the tide on this issue so that students can realize their dreams on campuses that are safe spaces. That’s why we are joining together,” Cuomo and Lady Gaga stated.

The sexual assault regulation will require that both public and private universities within the state of New York adopt the following policies: “(1) the uniform Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights; (2) the uniform sexual assault student reporting amnesty policy; (3) the uniform freshman orientation training; (4) the uniform Confidentiality and Reporting Protocol; (5) the uniform campus climate assessment; and (6) the uniform definition of affirmative consent.”

Sexual assault—specifically on college campuses—in the Big Apple has garnered national media attention over the past year. This legislative push comes just days after Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia graduate who carried her mattress around Columbia University to protest the school’s handling of her alleged sexual assault, released a short porn film depicting her alleged rape as previously reported by Campus Reform.

“The bill currently before the New York State legislature will address the issue of sexual violence on college campuses, giving the state the nation’s strongest laws to target campus sexual assault. This is a campaign that will protect students, and it’s exactly what we need,” Cuomo and Lady Gaga said.

The pop singer isn’t the only celebrity to actively take up the issue of sexual assault in the media. Multiple celebrities, including Seth Meyers, Daniel Craig, and Steve Carell, appeared in a White House PSA last year. Hilary Swank, Tom Gunn, Mary J. Blige, and others appeared in a PSA from the No More campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.

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