Marquette Dems celebrate defacement of pro-life memorial

A memorial honoring the millions of unborn babies lost to abortion was defaced on Marquette’s campus, prompting the College Democrats to publicly celebrate the act of vandalism.

“Keep fighting the good fight, Marquette feminists. We love and support you,” the school’s College Dems chapter posted on its Facebook after an allied feminist club claimed responsibility for the act.

The Marquette feminists plastered several posters over a sign advertising the memorial, with some containing popular pro-abortion catch phrases like “my body, my freedom,” “I get to control my body,” and even one labeling the memorial as an act of “misogyny.”

“Marquette: We want health care, not misogyny. Doctors not missionaries,” the sign read, with coat hangers scattered around it to represent the tool that pro-abortion activists warn women would resort to if they could not access abortion.

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Oddly, one student, Clare McCullough, who is apparently associated with the group that vandalized the display, claimed that while “abortion isn’t a good thing,” women “still at least have the right to choose what we do with our lives.”

“Shout out to my feminist peers who challenge the status quo, you all inspire me,” she added.

After the memorial was vandalized, the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter put out a statement condemning the act of vandalism.

“Young Americans for Freedom at Marquette University is extremely saddened that the Students For Life memorial was defaced by certain students intolerant of an opinion that they do not agree with,” the group notes, saying, “It is extremely hypocritical to claim that you are exercising your free speech rights through defacement while simultaneously trying to shut down the free speech of a student organization.”

Similarly, Marquette’s vice president for student affairs, Xavier Cole, strongly condemned the College Dems for its intolerance, noting that Marquette Students for Life had followed all the appropriate procedures to hold a memorial on campus and cited the Dem’s lack of “respect” as contrary to the values of the school.

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“Let me be extremely clear. Defacement is not dialogue. Respectful discussion and even dissent is best done face to face,” he wrote. “Our issue does not lie in the expression of varying viewpoints, but rather in the way that this was handled. Our mission is grounded in respecting the dignity of all individuals and being inclusive of multiple perspectives. Inclusivity by its very nature begins with respect.”

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