The Weekly Roundup: Let the Trumper-tantrums begin

Monday 14 November

American flag lowered, burned in response to election

A low-hanging flag, like low-hanging fruit, presents a tempting target to the indolent.

Students demand ‘sanctuary campuses’ to protect them from Trump

Prof’s blackface backfires

Gee, who coulda predicted that?

Barnard students mourn Hillary loss with ‘feminist coloring pages’

What makes the coloring pages feminist? Do they get huffy when people hold doors for them?

CRs call out college prez for email bashing Trump, conservatives

He should read their letter. It might help him understand what might impel someone to vote for Trump.

UVA profs, students triggered by Thomas Jefferson quotes

They should adopt a new founder.

Pomona College sends students to protest Trump

And did it work?

Towson profs, students ‘mobilize against Trump’ with walkout

Mobilize, eh? Just how many artillery units and tanks are you deploying against the insufferable bigot?

Tuesday 15 November

Duke offers sex toy ‘demonstrations’ at ‘after-hours location’

Are the planning to put up a billboard on the Interstate?

National walkout seeks ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrant students

Wednesday 16 November

White students create ‘deconstructing whiteness’ club at Pomona

It’s all about deconstructing the various wavelengths of color that together form white and NOT social justice hogwash.

UMass students hold ‘sh*t-in’ for gender-neutral bathrooms

What a shitty protest...

GW progressives march on White House, issue list of demands

Surprisingly, making the name of the “White” House more inclusive was not one of them.

Admins seek to stymie media inquiries from ‘right-wing types’

They accuse us of twisting their words. We maintain that their words were already twisted when we got them.

Thursday 17 November

Profs circulate petition against possible Trump EPA pick

Oh, so we’re keeping that agency, are we?

Anti-Trump UMich protesters use ‘privileged folx’ as shield

We, too, thought it was cool to use “x” for plurals...when we were creating Runescape screen names in middle school.

AAUP: Trump ‘greatest threat to academic freedom’ since McCarthy

That’s only if one excludes the founding of the AAUP from consideration, though.

Twitter threats land Rutgers prof in loony bin

They just couldn’t figure out why someone so openly hostile to free speech would ever try to hide behind it.

Then they remembered that he’s a liberal.

Prof calls Trump presidency ‘the definition of rape’

Now show me on the doll where Mr. Trump touched you...

UMich students accuse prez of anti-Trump ‘fear mongering’

...and manage to do so far more articulately that their president did while mongering his fear.

Friday 18 November

Pitt students offered extra credit to attend anti-Trump march

Nothing to see here, folks. Just entirely independent, self-supporting individuals who most certainly needed no incentive to act like total buffoons.

OU student health group promotes ‘kink’ with sex toy demonstrations

Sure, it’s the great healthcare challenge of the generation: How to avoid injuries related to improper sex toy use.

‘Sanctuary campus’ leaders admit that colleges can’t ban ICE

Not that that was ever really the point, though.

See, once the objective is accomplished, who’s gonna keep marching? And if nobody is marching, how do you remind the others to keep writing checks?

Georgetown prof recruits students to protest ‘climate denier’

“I don’t usually use this email list for political purposes.” Yeah, that was probably a good rule, professor.

Sunday 20 November

Hamilton forsakes flag following furor over flame-up

Well, you can’t please everyone, so you might as well piss ‘em all off.