The Weekly Roundup: the First Amendment is in trouble

Monday 28 November

Veterans protest removal of American flag at Hampshire College

If only there was some way to remove these colleges from the country, instead...

MAP: Schools cave to 'sanctuary campus' demands

If this were an elaborate conservative conspiracy to reduce federal spending by convincing the recipients of government largesse to disqualify themselves from further subsidies, it would be a darned impressive scheme.

UCSB student called 'fascist' for questioning aid to illegals

Because not giving aid would be the authoritarian, statist thing to do...

UCLA students compare feminism to white supremacy

The parasites begin to eat their own.

Columbia pledges to shelter illegal immigrants from Trump

Regrettably, it’s the university and not the South American country.

AAUP endorses sanctuary campuses, condemns 'spike in hate crimes'

Apparently, “hate crime” is now synonymous with “hoax.”

Students protest ‘mental and emotional abuse of hate speech’

“Hate speech” is, of course, defined as speech with which they disagree.

Tuesday 29 November

'Seven Sisters' presidents scold Bannon

Of course, given the fact that they’re upset with him for making fun of them, we suspect it bothers him somewhat less than the presidents expected.

VIDEO: AU students prefer Castro over Trump

Well, there’s still a backup Castro running the show, so if they feel that strongly, they could always try moving to Cuba...

GW activists apologize for 'putting black students in harm's way'

The white students just naturally assumed that they were speaking for their black classmates when they demanded an end to police protection.

University closes art exhibit after complaints over KKK pic

Someone apparently forgot to add the disclaimer informing students that the meaning behind the piece was sufficiently liberal.

This is important for any ideology that engenders such confusion among its adherents.

Don't speak to media, Hampshire begs students

Gee, what could they possibly have been worried about?

Petition demands UNCW fire conservative prof over op-eds

Freedom of speech is the most important right enshrined in the Constitution...unless the speech in question comes from a conservative, in which case...what free speech?

Wednesday 30 November

College wants students to ‘color away your testing stress!’

So now colleges are picking up the slack for kindergarten teachers, too?

Ole Miss student gov retracts sanctuary campus resolution

“Maybe we’ve made a mistake.”

Marquette omits ‘Christmas’ from ‘tree lighting’ announcement


GW students question validity of pro-Trump opinions

We would think things like validity would typically be based on statistics. A key statistic to consider here may be Trump’s electoral victory.

‘Trump supporters may pose a serious risk,’ flyers warn students

Everything these days is dangerous. Everything.

BC faculty want to ban Trump-inspired speech

Just imagine how they would feel if anybody tried to ban speech inspired by BC faculty.

Walkout leaders plan ‘secretive’ takeover of admin buildings

“Operation Overlord” it ain’t...

Thursday 1 December

College rejects conservative group for anti-communist views

Heaven forbid somebody oppose a murderous political ideology!

Penn State students fined for vandalizing Trump signs


Local mayor challenges Hampshire College to restore flag

Asking an American campus to identify as American is such a tall order.

Student gov member forced to resign over ‘racialized threat’

If “tar and feather” is a “racialized threat,” then why did it happen to so many British tax collectors?

USC student gov wants to make school a ‘sanctuary campus’

Well, “University of Sanctuary Campus” would keep the same initials.

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyers give ‘sanctuary campus’ efforts bleak prognosis

We’re old enough to remember when nullification was taught as a terrible idea, rooted in a desire to perpetuate the subjugation of minorities.

Come to think of it, not much has changed, really.

No ‘religious icons’ during Christmas, colleges tell students

It would be one thing if the holiday had anything to do with religion...

Friday 2 December

Schools provide puppies, massages to ease stress

Vets in the VA system aren’t cared for this well.

Old Glory returns to Hampshire College after 2-week controversy

Progressives sure are making a lot of progress these days.

AU students demand Trustee be fired for meeting with Trump


Catholic colleges pledge legal, financial aid for illegals

There are Jesuit fingerprints all over this one.

Barnard Social Justice Institute to fight ‘right-wing attacks’

Come on, couldn’t they at least send out their varsity team?

Texas Gov. vows to strip funds from sanctuary campuses, cities

They don’t have those warnings plastered all over all their coffee cups and t-shirts down there for nothin’; they really do mean it: “Don’t mess with Texas.”