GW Dems plot their 'resistance' to Trump administration

The George Washington University College Democrats have been busy planning their “resistance training” following Donald Trump’s election.

“This week we released our Post-Election Action Guide, a 17-page guide to fight back against the policies and rhetoric we oppose,” the organization declares on its Facebook page. “In the guide you will find ways to get more involved, self-care methods, suggestions to prepare yourself for the Trump administration, and much more!”

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The guide covers a wide variety of topics, including upcoming protests, organizations to which liberals can donate, tips for dealing with police and being arrested while protesting, and suggestions for continuing to promote liberal causes under the incoming presidential administration.

The Women’s Issues section, for instance, encourages “uterus owners” to consider setting up an IUD, while giving several recommendations as to which type might work best.

The section also advises to “Consider stocking up on Plan B (available over the counter), for possible future personal use and/or underground distribution.”

The document dedicates five pages to advice on dealing with law enforcement while protesting, as well as what happens if one is arrested.

An FAQ section answers questions such as “We want to do a sit-in in a congressional office. Will we get arrested? What would be the charge?”, as well as “Where do they take you when you’re arrested?” and “If people want to draw attention by doing something aggressive on the Hill without getting arrested, what would you suggest?”

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Information on obtaining a passport is also provided, noting that “an active passport is a necessity for relocating (temporarily or otherwise) to anywhere else in the world, including Canada,” and the document further advises students that “now is a good time to seal, expunge, or otherwise clean up criminal records in preparation for more stringent benefits laws and federal programs.”

Links to websites encouraging “self-care” are also listed, including how to meditate and stress relieving yoga positions.

Elsewhere in the guide, the College Democrats encourage students to donate to groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Center for Reproductive Rights, Black Lives Matter, National Network of Abortion Funds, and the NAACP to help counter the priorities of the Trump administration.

The guide is a part of several actions taken by the GW College Democrats in wake of the election, including a 6-hour “resistance training” on Inauguration Day.

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“The Trump administration will test every progressive's ideas, potentially destroy President Obama's policies, and threaten some of the most important pillars of our democracy,” the event description warns. “Come learn how to fight back against President-Elect Trump and his team by coming to a free Trump resistance bootcamp right after he gets inaugurated.”

The College Democrats are also hosting a “Thanks Obama Ball” to benefit Planned Parenthood on the same night as GW’s official Inaugural Ball, intending to capitalize on the large number of students who had purchased tickets prior to the election and are now attempting to sell them.

A university spokesperson denied that the College Democrats are breaking any student organization conduct laws by encouraging students to stock up and distribute Plan B “underground,” but also noted that the university has not endorsed the group’s actions or views in any way.

“The George Washington University has more than 450 registered student organizations, which can conduct organizational activities in accordance with university policies and procedures,” the spokesperson told Campus Reform. “The presentation of views implies no university endorsement of their views.”

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