Republican posters vandalized to make ‘them feel unwelcome’

An anonymous student tore down humorous signs belonging to the University of Washington’s College Republicans chapter because he wanted to make the group feel “unwelcome.”

According to The Daily, College Republican president Chevy Swanson purchased the domain “” and rerouted it back to his club’s website.

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Accordingly, he and his peers posted several flyers around campus advertising the Antifa domain as “a joke,” but also to expose an unlikely set of visitors to conservative and Republican ideas.

“Any time we put up posters for our regular club, they get torn down before the night’s over. So we do a mix of regular posters and stickers that are a little less identifiable to us,” Swanson explained.

Indeed, one anonymous Antifa vandal, whom The Daily simply identifies as “RR,” immediately began taking the posters down once he caught onto the scheme, though not because of the potentially deceitful nature of the posters.

“Because why give UWCR and their ilk a platform to spread their message and promote their brand? Why give them the satisfaction of seeing their posters up?” RR explained. “I hope by taking them down, we can begin the process of discouraging them and making them feel unwelcome on campus because they are.”

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RR went on to encourage his peers to take similar actions, stating that while his ultimate hope is that “their platform shrinks,” in “the meantime, let’s all take down their posters.”

Swanson, however, is accustomed to such treatment on campus, telling The Daily that the College Republicans “are frequently targeted online and have been in the past in person by [Antifa].”

Campus Reform reached out to the school for additional information on the matter, and is currently awaiting a response.

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