UNF Sex Week promotes polyamory as 'alternative to cheating'

The University of North Florida’s annual “Sex Week” will feature an event on “polyamory” for those students searching for “ethical non-monogamy as an alternative to cheating.”

The workshop, “Polyamory vs. Cheating: Lessons from a Former Serial Monogamist,” will be taught by a representative from the “Relationship Equality Foundation,” which purports to “provide outreach, education, and support for those involved in or seeking relationships with non-traditional structures.”

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The event itself will apparently be “geared towards the poly-curious,” meaning those who are considering “ethical non-monogamy as an alternative to cheating.”

“Ever wonder why someone chooses to live a polyamorous lifestyle? Is it an identity or simply a choice?” a description for the workshop asks, encouraging “poly-curious” students, or “anyone with an open mind wishing to understand how others live their lives and why,” to attend.

Another workshop featured as part of “Sex Week”—humorously titled “A Grownup Toy Story”—will discuss the ins and outs of using sex toys, offering students an “explicit, but non-threatening, sex-positive, inclusive workshop.”

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“Get ready to talk about anatomy, desire, arousal, foreplay, and intimacy aids (such as lubricants and sex toys, yay!) and sexual conditions that make all of this important,” a workshop description explains, noting that students will “learn ways to figure out what [they] like and how to negotiate those things with a partner in a safe way.”

An advertisement for the annual Sex Week, which is sponsored by UNF’s LGBT Resource Center, defends the tradition as one that promotes a “healthy, empowering, and inclusive” message, asserting that communicating such a “message to the campus community is at the heart of our mission with Sex Week.”

Campus Reform reached out to UNF for additional information about the scheduled events, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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