Vermont college 'pop up course' will discuss Kavanaugh allegations, 'hook up culture'

Green Mountain College in Vermont is offering a “pop up course” on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and “hook up” culture in which students will discuss sexual assault allegations in politics.

The course, which is entitled “Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Boys Will Be Boys,’” is worth half a credit and will run for two weeks, ending October 12. Students in the course will be asked to compare and evaluate the current political climate with past instances of sexual assault allegations in politics, such as those made against former President Bill Clinton and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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“[The course] will look at the landscape surrounding sexual assault and misconduct claims across these key moments in history and compare it to what we are seeing right now,” according to the university announcement.

Students will be discussing: “What cues or information do we use when evaluating the integrity of accusers? How do we evaluate the memories of survivors of sexual violence and those who may have been intoxicated? And if it is true that Brett Kavanaugh committed this alleged assault as a minor, should it affect his current bid for a seat on the Supreme Court?”

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“We will also take a close look at campus culture,” the announcement continues. “While some argue that ‘hook up culture’ is empowering, might it actually encourage sexual assault? Now is your chance to tackle these and related questions and create the space to have important, but difficult conversations.”

The course is not listed in the college’s academic catalog and it is unclear who will be teaching the pop-up course.

Green Mountain College did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform. The article will be updated if and when the university responds.

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