VIDEO: Harvard student calls out climate protesters for 'hijacking' football game

Harvard Univeristy student DJ Lacy reacted to climate change protesters delaying the Harvard-Yale game.

Lacy said the protesters "politicized and hijacked" the game, which should have been about the players.

Harvard student and Campus Reform Correspondent DJ Lacy reacted Sunday to climate change protesters at the Harvard vs. Yale football game forcing sports officials to delay the game by up to an hour after they stormed the field and refused to leave. 

As previously reported by Campus Reform, dozens of protesters stormed the football field in New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday. A number o of the protesters held a banner, which read, “Nobody wins. Yale and Harvard are complicit in climate injustice.” Later, more protesters took to the field and staged a sit-in. Dozens more later entered onto the turf to join in. 

Lacy, who attended the game, reacted to the disruptive protest on Fox & Friends Sunday. 

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”Unfortunately, the game was politicized and hijacked by these student protesters,” Lacy said, pointing out “a level of disrespect that was shown by these protesters.”

”It really changed the whole dynamic of what was going on on the field,” he added. 

However, as Lacy pointed out, it’s not the first time disruptive protests have broken out at the Ivy League schools. 

Just last year, this same group disrupted a speech by Harvard President Larry Bacow. 

Lacy also lamented how the protesters took a day intended to be about the players and made it about themselves. 

”This game should have been about the players in the first place. Unfortunately, these protesters decided to politicize this event and kind of steal the spotlight from them,” Lacy said. 

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