VIDEO: Students 'concerned' by Bernie Sanders defending communist Cuba policies

After leading Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently defended communist Cuba on 60 Minutes, Campus Reform asked students for their reaction to his comments.

Most students told Campus Reform they were concerned with the Democratic frontrunner’s history of defending authoritarian regimes like Cuba.

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret went to the University of Maryland to ask students to react to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ recent comments on Cuba during a 60 Minutes interview, in which he remarked that “it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad” about the country.” 

Sanders pointed to the country’s literacy program as one example. 

Neret began students without telling them which politician made the remarks.  Most students immediately assumed it was President Donald Trump who made the comments defending an authoritarian regime and added that it was wrong to cite a literacy program to justify “oppression.” 

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“Implying something along the lines of mass genocides or oppression of a civilization...I think comparing those kinds of actions to a literacy rate could lead to serious issues down the line,” one student said.

Most students were also not surprised to later find out it was Sanders, not Trump, who defended Cuba. 

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Neret also asked them if they were concerned by Sanders’ recent and past remarks defending authoritarian regimes. Most students said they were. 

“I think his views are a little bit too radical,” one student said. 

“It does concern me a little bit, yeah...he’s just really extreme to me,” another student added. “He’s just very very very socialist for my liking.” 

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