VIDEO: Students say Columbus was a white supremacist and want an Indigenous Peoples' Day

Campus Reform recently asked students if Columbus Day should be replaced with Indigenous Peoples' Day

"The negative actions that he overpowers the positive."

Most students wanted the new holiday and added that the Italian explorer was a white supremacist.

Ahead of Columbus Day, Campus Reform recently asked students at the University of California, Irvine if the holiday should be replaced with Indigenous People’s Day. Students overwhelmingly agreed that Indigenous Peoples’ Day should be celebrated instead of Columbus Day and added that Columbus was a “white supremacist.”


“Because Columbus, like from what I remember in history, he enslaved a lot of Native Americans or like he caused a lot of like slaughters for them,” one student claimed.

Another student agreed, adding that “White people” have “stomped” over Native American culture. 

“Especially in America we need to respect, like, that culture. They were here first. It’s their culture and us as White people we have kind of stomped all over it.”

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When asked if they believed Columbus was a white supremacist, most students agreed. 

”Yes I would [call him a white supremacist] because of all the plagues he brought, of the oppression of Native Americans that is still here today,” one student said. 

”Americans, we teach white history,” another student added. “We don’t teach a lot of other cultures’ history. We only teach like white American American history.” 

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