WATCH: Campus Reform shut down while asking protesters why they want to silence John Bolton

Bolton's presence drew protesters, many of whom also tried to shut down Campus Reform.

Former national security adviser John Bolton spoke at Duke University recently.

Duke University hosted President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton Tuesday, sparking campus-wide controversy as students gathered to protest his presence.

Campus Reform Campus Correspondent Addison Smith went to ask these students about their protest but instead was met with spite when they heard he was with Campus Reform.  One individual even interrupted to inform a fellow protestor “you’re speaking to a conservative.” 

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When asked what’s wrong with Campus Reform, she promptly responded, “I’m letting her know that she doesn’t have to speak to you because you’re part of Campus Reform.” 

“We are not going to talk to you because you are part of Campus Reform, now leave,” she added, threatening to “call the f*cking cops.”

Protesters gathered around Smith and began following him around. When asked why they were protesting, they remained silent. 

Other students were more vocal in their protests of Bolton. One individual hinted that the school should be reprimanded for hosting him. 

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“I feel like Duke should be held accountable for normalizing people like this,” the protester said.

When asked if he should have a right to speak on campus, the student said “I think he should go to the Hague for all the war crimes he’s committed, adding that “he shouldn’t be treated as an individual to be respected.”

When another student was asked the same question, she simply said “no he [should not].” 

“I do not think he deserves to be in the community at all,” another student said, agreeing with others that he should be banned from speaking. 

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