WATCH: How to be a conservative on campus

Dubil explained how to survive 'woke academia.'

Campus Reform Correspondent and student at Point Park University Logan Dubil went on Newsmax on August 6 to discuss the difficulty of being a conservative on college campuses.

Point Park University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

On America Right Now, Dubil explained how to survive “woke academia” and advocated for staying true to yourself, despite discrimination. 

“I started my college career at Point Park University kind of self-censenoring myself in fear of retaliation and backlash,” he says, “but I soon realized that this was not the way I wanted to be spending my time.”

Dubil’s advice is to be “open about your beliefs”, and “stand your ground” to protect yourself from retribution. 

Newsmax’s Tom Basile concluded, “that’s the American way. That’s what we want our young people to learn.” 

Watch the full interview above. 

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