WATCH: Student who exposed pronoun policy responds to campus-wide petition against him

After Dubil appeared in national media after breaking a story on his university's disciplinary policy for misusing pronouns, students at Point Park University school created a petition to remove him from the school.

Campus Reform recently published a story about an email that was sent to students Point Park University outlining the school’s anti-discrimination policy, which states that ‘action could be taken’ if a complaint around ‘misgendering’ or ‘pronoun misuse’ is filed.

The university’s Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse, and Deadnaming Policy states that “any individual who has been informed of another person’s gender identity, pronouns, or chosen name is expected to respect that individual.” If a complaint is filed regarding this policy, “action could be taken,” the email reads.

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Campus Reform correspondent Logan Dubil was the first to report on this story and recently appeared on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to criticize the policy. 

After Dubil appeared in national media, students at his school created a petition to remove him from the school.

”We need to remove Logan Dubil from campus as well as others like him who refuse to respect other people pronouns,” the petition reads, referencing the university policy that requires students to classmates’ preferred pronouns. 

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked with Dubil about the current situation he is in and how he’s been dealing with all of the backlash from his peers. 

Dubil said it is concerning that so many students were willing to sign a petition to kick him off campus just because he has a different opinion. 

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“That’s something that not only I should be concerned about, but any college student, anyone going into college, or even any parent who has a student in college,” Dubil said. “I feel like everyone should support everyone’s first amendment right, and clearly, mine is not being supported on campus right now.”

Jacobson also asked for Dubil’s reaction to a tweet that was posted by the student government president at Point Park University, in which he said “Point Park should strive to be the”hell scape” conservatives believe it is.”

Dubil asked, “how are conservatives supposed to feel welcomed, and included, and respected on campus when an elected student official is tweeting out things like that? It really is a shame. I wouldn’t wish that on the other side as well.”

Dubil said he wants all conservative students to know they are not alone.

“The only way to make this change is to stand your ground, be vocal, and not be scared about what others are going to think about your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Dubil said. “It’s important that we all respect the First Amendment and applaud free speech on college campuses.”

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