Women's Lacrosse team called 'racist' for liking Trump tweet

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County Women’s Lacrosse team has been labelled “racist” and “ignorant” after the team’s Twitter account “liked” a tweet by President Donald Trump.

“Courageous Patriots have fought and died for our great American Flag—we MUST honor and respect it! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” the tweet by President Trump reads.

UMBC’s Black Student Union (BSU) noticed that “UMBC WLacrosse” had “liked” Trump’s post, and responded by calling the team out on its own Twitter account.

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“You’re welcome to come to a meeting and voice your Ignorance and blatant disregard for students within your campus let alone your own team,” the group captioned screenshots of the offending like.

“So in liking that tweet you are 1- saying that your black counterparts don't deserve to protest. @umbcwlacrosse As well as, 2- saying the black people on your team don't care about racial injustice. If you are going to be racist please come correct,” UMBC BSU continued.

As of press time, the UMBC Women’s Lacrosse Twitter account, “@umbcwlacrosse,” had been deleted.

Kia Reinhardt, a member of the UMBC Women’s Lacrosse team, expressed her frustration with the situation.

“Cool out,” Reinhardt proclaimed. “What's funny ? The fact that you guys are all blowing this out of proportion ? cool out w that.”

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Others, though echoed the BSU’s sentiments, harshly criticizing Reinhardt as a “racist” for defending her team.

“Don’t crap on people’s feelings towards something racial just to protect your organization,” one user tweeted at Reinhardt, while another tweeted, “Quick PSA: If you defending yo racist ass teammates you racist too.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that it’s lacrosse doing that,” a user called Jefferson tweeted, while Alexandria, an apparent UMBC student, remarked that “if they have a certain stance on something, i don’t get why they don’t communicate that stance lol..”

“Looks like someone forgot to switch their users,” another user tweeted, postulating that the tweet may have been liked by accident.

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A few others did critique the BSU’s approach to the issue, including one user who urged the group to “Start a conversation, not a fight,” adding, “Don't be lame.”

Campus Reform reached out to UMBC BSU and members of the UMBC Women’s Lacrosse team, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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