FLASHBACK: Venezuelan socialism victims send message to American socialists

Attendees seemed to overwhelmingly agree on one thing: Don't do it.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips attended a protest with victims of Venezuelan socialism.

Amid a historic uprising in Venezuela, where opposition leader Juan Guaidó is attempting to overthrow socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, some Venezuelan expatriates here in the United States have a dire warning for American socialists: don’t do it.

While President Donald Trump has stated that America “will never be a socialist country,” a number of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are pushing what they call Democratic Socliast policies. And, as Campus Reform has repeatedly reported, the popularity of socialism has been on the rise, especially among college students. 

According to Gallup, the majority of Democrats view socialism more favorably than Capitalism.

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Wanting to know if the people who support socialism had ever heard from people who’ve suffered under it, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips headed to a Venezuelan Freedom rally in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. It soon became abundantly clear that the Venezuelans in attendance were horrified by the idea of bringing socialism to the United States. Asking them, “What is your message to those who want socialism here,” the attendees were in agreement: don’t do it. “You do not ever want anything close to socialism,” one attendee said, while another added, “people are eating from trash cans in the streets, so how has socialism helped?”Another attendee, whose family is still in Venezuela, said, “No Venezuelan can like socialism, because we’ve seen it put in place very well.”

What else did they have to say? Watch the full video:

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