Pelosi praises illegals in commencement address. Lawrence Jones is having NONE of it.

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones sounded off on the speaker's comments.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a recent commencement address, praised illegal immigrants and called on Congress to grant legal status to millions of more individuals.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while giving the commencement address at San Francisco State University, praised illegal immigrants, calling on Congress to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” that would grant legal resident status to millions of more individuals. 

”Any DREAMers in the house?” Pelosi called out while delivering the speech in her California congressional district. Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones joined Fox & Friends Wednesday to discuss, among other things, Pelosi’s speech, with which he had some serious issues. 

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”Let’s celebrate illegals coming into the country, breaking our laws,” Jones said. He added that Pelosi’s speech wasn’t “just a speech about wealth redistribution.” He then continued by listing some recent examples of colleges catering to illegal immigrants. 

”These colleges have disinvited [Former DHS Secretary] Jeh Johnson, an Obama guy, at USC because of his border policy. You’ve got Harvard University having a special graduation for illegals. This is the culture on the college campus,” Jones said. 

Campus Reform’s editor-in-chief then pointed out that while many legal resident students go into mountains of debt to pay for college, many illegal immigrants are eligible to receive in-state tuition, on which Campus Reform previously reported. 

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