This year's angriest campus vandals

President John Adams once stated that “property is surely a right of mankind as real as liberty.” 

Every citizen of the United States has a right to own property, but conservatives on college campuses have had to fight extra hard for that right this year. From displays and banners being torn down to personal belongings being stolen and tarnished, Campus Reform gathered up the five worst acts of vandalism against campus conservatives this year.

1. CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Hidden cameras show vandalism of conservative signs


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In March, the College Republicans chapter at the University of Minnesota-Morris (UMM) installed a hidden security camera in suspicion that their flyers were being stolen, and the camera recorded dozens of instances of vandalism. After the footage was captured, UMM forbid the student group from further using the camera.

“It's sad that basic conservative ideas can't be expressed on a modern-day liberal arts campus,” UMM College Republicans president Tayler Lehmann told Campus Reform at the time.  

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2. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Conservative students call police after 'Build the Wall' banner torn down

A Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Florida (UF) had its "Build the Wall" banner torn down multiple times in two days.

In one instance, two females stole the banner and ran off with it, and in an exclusive video shared with Campus Reform, YAF members tried questioning the vandals. The girls justified their act of vandalism by claiming that they felt threatened. “Who cares about your fucking speech?” one girl asked, “You are dangerous!”

After the banner was restored back to its original location, it was again torn down by a different group of students. When YAF members asked why they were tearing down their posters, one responded by saying “fuck fascism, that’s why.”  

3. Four arrested after student's MAGA hat is allegedly stolen (VIDEO)

A Texas State University student says he had his "Make American Great Again" hat stolen and kicked on the ground while engaging leftist protesters.

The student said some of his friends were conversing with the protestors when a crowd circled around them. "That's when I felt someone kind of come up behind me and kind of grab my hat, lift it up, and try to run away," the student said in a statement to Campus Reform. Police later apprehended the girl that allegedly stole the hat and asked her to give it back, but Tyler says that she "hesitated at first but then she did drop it and as soon as the hat fell on the floor [sic] she kicks it."

Police confirmed that they arrested the girl, as well as three other protestors that day in a statement following the incident.     

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4. VIDEO: Vandal deems conservative group's speech 'hateful,' destroys their property

At the University of Michigan, a student was caught on camera destroying Turning Point USA property at a tabling event.

In the video, one of the TPUSA members told the vandal “Stop it. It’s against the law to steal,” in which he replied, “You know what else is against the law? Hate speech.” Another member asked him, “What were we doing that was hateful, sir?” to which he replied, “Nothing.”

The vandal can be seen dumping items on the ground, ripping signs, and throwing property in the trash. Some of the items that were destroyed included hand-drawn signs advertising “free hot cocoa and cookies,” “free speech,” and “I ❤ America!” 

5. WATCH: Smug vandal rips out pro-life crosses, compares pro-lifers to flat-Earthers


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Similarly, another vandal at Whatcom Community College in Washington State ripped out crosses at a pro-life display that represented children lost to abortion. Video shows the vandal responding to suggestions of discourse with “I do not think it is worth it to talk to you guys.”

“So it’s better to violently act out, rather than to talk about something?” asked one of the pro-life students.

 “Yeah because pro-life arguments have about as much merit as like flat-Earth arguments,” replied the vandal.

Students for Life spokesman Matt Lamb told Campus Reform at the time that “We have counted above 120” cases of vandalism and violence against pro-life campus groups over the past eight years. “And these are just the ones we know about.” 

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