A look at higher ed's attempts to evade ICE this year

Colleges and universities accross the country were committed to helping their illegal students evade border enforcement officers this year. Campus Reform has rounded-up some of the most creative methods they used to do so. Take a look:

1. Tufts ‘art project’ aims to help illegals evade law enforcement

Tufts University hung “ICE Escape Signs” around campus this year. Like fire evacuation signs, they were designed to depict the most effective exits for evading ICE officers. The signs were part of a project by artist Jenny Polak.Polak, who described her creations as “an ongoing series based on fire-escape signs, and sited like the real signs, using site-specific floor-plans of buildings.” 

The director of Tufts University Art Galleries Dina Deitsch said that the series “talks about immigration politics and policies through art.”FAIR’s Ira Mehlman called these signs “another example of campus virtue signaling.” Mehlman went onto say “posting these signs makes the virtue signalers feel virtuous, and also allows them to whip up hysteria and contrived moral outrage.”

2. VIDEO: Speaker at Christian university tells students to use their churches to hide illegal immigrants

A speaker at a Christian university told students to use their home churches to protect illegals from deportation. James Standish, a guest speaker at Andrews University, made moral equivalencies with the underground railroad as well as churches taking in Jewish people during the Holocaust.

“This is my challenge to you: why not open up your church as a sanctuary?” Standish asked the crowd, adding  “many of us look back on history and we say that if we were alive during the time of the slaves that we would be part of the Underground Railroad. Really? Would you? I mean you could lose your house. You could go to jail. Are you serious? Would you do that? John Byington, the first [SDA] General Conference president did it. But would you?”

Campus Reform spoke to a student who after attending the lecture said, “Plain and simple, if you voted for Trump, if you stand with Trump, you’re not a Christian”.

3. Public university shares “Toolkit” To combat ‘Trump’s deportation machinery’

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Gender and Women’s Studies Department suggested that students share a “toolkit” with resources to help illegal aliens avoid deportation. The document suggests filing a lawsuit against local police that work with ICE. The same facebook page has in the past advocated for abolishing the police, ICE, borders and the judicial system. It has also suggested that President Trump is racist. It has posted a document called “Defend against ICE raids and Community arrests.

4. Exclusive: NYC School promotes puzzle books with ‘subtle messages’ for Ice Agents

A student at Pratt University created an activity puzzle book meant for ICE agents to use during downtime. The book hides “subtle messages” about the experiences of illegals. The cover of the book says “Train your Brain and your Morals.” Puzzles featured in the workbook include a maze activity to help a child reunite with his family, as well as a “FIND THE DIFFERENCE” puzzle, depicting a young girl’s birthday party. In one frame the girl has both parents present at her party. In the other, her father is being detained by ICE in the background.

5. University where students chanted curses at ICE protects Illegal Students From raids

Northwestern University vowed to “protect” its illegal alien students from ICE raids.They also provided information for illegals on what to do if Federal Agents contact them. The Interim Vice President for Student Affairs put out a statement saying “Amid reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents plan to arrest thousands of migrants across the country Sunday, Northwestern wants to assure our community, including our undocumented students, that we are firmly committed to protecting our students, faculty, and staff.”

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